To europe, to europe, to lower our ping

Four months after Elder Scrolls Online launched and the EU megaserver is finally going to be located in Europe. Originally the NA and EU megaservers were both housed in the US so that Zenimax could work out and deploy any post-live problems with a faster turn-around.

Of course this has seen the ping to the server being higher and some suggest it increases lag in PvP, not that I have noticed or experienced it myself.
I have often pondered if some players in PvP were NA players making the most of the lower latency to wail on EU players, it would explain my Kill\Death ratio.

So other than a 9 hour downtime starting at 1pm BST on Wednesday 30th, there shouldn’t be much to report and it will go swimmingly (Fingers Crossed).

The full announcement can be found here :