Inspiration strikes

Part of the curse of having played City of Heroes\Villains is that I frequently get inspiration for new characters in the most unlikely locations. The one below came to me in a supermarket with the exclamation “I just had a great idea for a new character” despite the game being closed for over a year.

I have only just got around to designing the character inspired by a box of dark chocolates, I present to you ….
Violent Creams ( sorry, not sure why the video is blurry for the first 6 seconds)

Thank goodness for Titan Icon that at least allows me to design the would-be characters and I’m very thankful for it.

I keep a copy of the game installed just for playing around in the costume creator, I know many other players can’t face keeping the game installed which is understandable give the history.

There is nothing quite like a concept character to drawn you into a different play-style and that is where the game excelled. I have mentioned before the choice of primary and secondary power-sets gave a level of freedom that more recent MMOs haven’t come close to matching, combined with a lower number of character slots means trying different combinations isn’t always easy in these MMOs.

Do you ever roll a concept character just for giggles? Go with a build that is against the grain?

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