Black Hole Sun

Some people may be aware of the Echo Bazaar setting from the FailBetter games browser based title Fallen London (originally labelled Echo Bazaar). I originally started playing the game in 2010 and was hooked by the rather detailed and rather odd alternative history setting.

sunlessseaFailbetter folks had a successful Kickstarter campaign to bring more depth to the Echo Bazaar universe with a game focused on the Unterzee, a dark and dangerous ocean beneath the surface world in a Rogue-like game entitled Sunless Sea.

In the game you play a ships captain based in London and you have access to your lodgings to markets and quests. But soon you’ll want to be setting out into the darkness in search of knowledge and riches, you will need a crew all of whom have their own histories and secrets they may want to keep to themselves. You need nerves of steel to face whatever horrors may assail you.

You often need to find the right balance for the tasks at hand. If you run your boat lights you may attract more attention from enemies plus it will use up your fuel faster, but the light off and your crews terror rating will increase and with it the nightmares. Your ship is your world and you need to ensure that you keep finite resources like fuel and supplies topped up or their will be only 1 thing left to eat and it’s not the ships cat.

Combat is real time but with a pause option ( like FTL ) and speed settings to skip forward if needed. Given the title the darkness hinders your fight and you need to illuminate your enemy to sure your shots hit home. Your opponent is doing the same so you will have to try to elude them as much as possible.

The game has quests and as with Fallen London a dark sense of humour, visiting different locations interacting with the very odd characters, but who is friend and who is foe.

Yes this game is in Early Access and yes it may change slightly before it is completed, however if you are a fan of the Rogue-like genre or the Echo Bazaare universe keep an eye on this game. The focus of the game is on story and like the previous title if that’s not your thing then this may not be the game for you. If you’re not sure have a look at Fallen London first.

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4 thoughts on “Black Hole Sun”

  1. I liked Echo Bazaar, but it had all of the irritating play throttling that you’d expect from a social game. I may very well pick this up at some point, but I feel slightly wary as I seem to recall hearing that the combat was particularly bland and repetitive. Having said that, I don’t expect combat is what you play this game for, but rather the writing and the interesting setting.

    1. I suppose the combat isn’t as varied as FTL for example but them there is the motivation to avoid combat when possible, but it’s quite a dance as you and your opponent try to illuminate each other to allow bigger attacked.
      The writing is a big part of the game as it expands on the universe they created, if you like the one, you may like the other.

  2. This one is on my wish list, what would you rate it out of ten? I’ve considered buying it more than once, it looks appealing but strange.

    1. For me the game is around a 6.5, the appeal to me was due to my enjoyment of their other work. That said they are still working on things so it may rise as more is added.

      Maybe worth waiting until completion then you can check for a demo, or it could be in the sales 😉

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