The idea of MOBAs (Multiplayer online battle arenas) really appeal to me, the only problem I have is the time investment required is far greater than I can happily commit to.

Rewind thirteen years ago and I would have ploughed lots of energy into the genre but now a stones throw after my 35th birthday with a very active 4 year old, finding an hour unbroken time isn’t as easy as it once was.

Unlike other multi-player games I play, having to run off mid-game to see to a youngling could mean the loss of a match, when I can fit in a hand full of World of Tank matches in the same time frame that game becomes more appealing.

I have played a few enjoyable games in Smite and found the 3rd person view much more to my liking. With that in mind I have Orcs Must Die! Unchained installed and ready to go and I’m hoping to give it a whirl as I really do enjoy the OMD series.

Now to just find the time.

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6 thoughts on “NOBAs”

  1. Even with the time, I think they are a bit much. I am really hoping Heroes of the Storm will strike the right balance between the KNOW IT ALL OR DIE aspects of older MOBAs and the HEY ITS COOL LEARN AS YOU GO of newer games.

    1. That’s true the new breed tend to favour the more “casual” moba player, fingers crossed I can find one that suits me.

      1. Yeah. I haven’t posted about it, but I recently retired from ARAM mode in League of Legends, so my MOBA (and largely multiplayer) hole needs something to fill it too!

        1. Sorry your 2nd comment got trapped by spam filter.
          I just need something feels like a game not a hour long grind 🙂

    1. The toxic stuff could be part of the reason I don’t actively seek out these games now.

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