Are friends electric?

I’m writing this post as we prepare to attend a friends wedding, fingers crossed the weather will stay nice. They came to our wedding in 2009 and we are happy to be attending theirs despite the couple of hundred miles that separate the two families.

At our wedding we had 45 attendees, of those 10 were online friends, yet in this modern Internet age there is still something peculiar to folks when you say you met people online, let alone through gaming.

While PuGing in City Of Villains we found comradery with another gamer, after some teaming and chatting back and fore we became good friends with the whole family, often teaming with the soon to be husband and his son.

We visit each other when the chance arises and celebrate each others birthdays, the friendship is solidified through our gaming history and stays that way.

I know that at least once today will be the inevitable question of how do you know now the family, I’ll say “through gaming” but not as one who is ashamed of the fact but one that is comfortable in considering friends met online on par with my meatspace friends.

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