Dusting off Rift

During Blaugust I have discovered lots of blogs and writers talking about Rift.
After enjoying Beta I played at launch and waited in those massive server queues to access the server(s) the two guilds I was part of, decided were home.
I was subbed for a good few months and put in over 300 hours across multiple characters, the highest level I reached was 29, by this time most of the players I had started with had stopped playing, or were playing at times odd to those I kept. So I moved onto other things.

Forphine Rift
Forphine (Rift)

Anyway, all the talk of it had me wondering how much the game has changed so I bit the bullet and downloaded the client overnight sometime last weekend.
Upon logging in I found that my defiant cleric was granted two titles via mail which contained a title for each of the servers that my character had previously called home.

Of course the usual “I can’t remember what any of skills do” is further altered by the reset of my souls, I’m unsure if this is a hindrance or a help, as either way I would need to relearn the power attributes, so it maybe a blessing.

I’m going to try and relearn my skills on my cleric rather than rolling a new character as I’ll most likely face the starter zone blues. My soul build names hint at their previous vocation,  “solo” “Group heal”.  I seem to remember having a mixed build for solo and primary heal for grouping/ rifts.

Well I shall try and relearn and hopefully give you an update in the next week.


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4 thoughts on “Dusting off Rift”

  1. My first character in Rift was a Cleric as well. I had a solo build with Druid as the focal point for pets, a group all-healing-souls build and a PvP build that focused on ranged spell casting. I made it to level 38 or so before I meandered onto something else. I still think it’s a solid game.

    1. I do remember enjoying the PvP in Rift, maybe something to try once I get back up to speed.

    1. My standard MMO role tend to be support, so healing comes quite naturally. I remember the built being rather fun, so fingers crossed I can balance a build I enjoy.

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