Content Vs Fixes

Update 3 in Elder Scrolls Online brought with it some great new updated features, things that the community has been asking for.

In terms of end-game there are four main areas activities:

  • Veteran alternate alliance questing
  • Group area content such as Craglorn
  • Veteran Dungeons
  • PvP

As I’ve been playing alot of PvP recently it’s become apparent that the changes introduced in 1.3 really messed up the continual battlefronts, far worst than I’d originally thought.

The worst issues are the Memory leak that causes the game to run out of memory after 60 to 80 minutes. This just forces the player to desktop without any error messages or crash reporter.
Second the list is a random bug that either causes you to crash to desktop or respawn at the starting area, this effects all players in a given area as suddenly the battle stops and tonnes of players can be seen at the respawn shrine.

The last issue is the inflated damage bug that sees player of low level outputing far higher damage that they should be able to.

With the continual crash to desktop and the instagibs it’s easy to just give up on playing TESO and switch to something less buggy.
So as Zenimax are looking to further expand content in release 4, the impact of these bug could have done more harm to the games PvP population than can be factored, the longer they persist the more long term damage could be done.