Steam Update (Aug 14 2014)

steam games listI have always tried to keep my Steam games list in some resemblance of organised. I would try and add new games into the category they belonged, this was good as the games list would reflect the categories which made life a little easier.
However I now have over 260 games and what was originally a simple system becomes a little clunky as when the the tabs are expanded they expand beyond the screen and jump between them is more troublesome.

Focus on categories


Thankfully the the latest Steam client update I can now filter by category, which is kind of cool when I know which game type I’m in the mood to play.

Another nice point to mention is that games can be added to more than one category, which means that your FPS / RPG games can now appear in both lists.

The final feature around this is the ability to hide games from your games list.
YAY finally I can now hide that Left 4 Dead 2 Beta that has been on my list for the last god knows how long along with Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Beta.

Musical notes

Another feature that I have been keeping my eye on is the Music functionality. As I mentioned in my previous post the music functionality only seemed to be available in Big Picture mode, I can’t seem to find when this changed but it’s now available in the standard Steam client.


It’s worth mentioning that page loads on Steam are seemingly quicker in the applications browser based window after a Major update. Which is nice as in the last few years many of newer features like communities and badges have been a little laggy, while other parts of service seem to work just fine.

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4 thoughts on “Steam Update (Aug 14 2014)”

  1. I think the real question here is whether you actually listen to Amon Amarth or if that’s a random internet screenshot. Because there seems to be a limited supply of metalhead gamers (or metalheads in general).

    1. The Amon Amarth is mine, notice how I filtered it to remove all the embarassing stuff like Mercyful Fate :p

      1. I didn’t notice, but I have some stuff that’s kind of screamo-metalcore that I’m not so proud of lol. I wrote some posts about metal about a year ago that no one seemed to notice, so I didn’t figure many people in this little community cared for the genre.

        Kudos for having good taste!

      2. Everyone probably has something in their library that is embarrassing. I know I do. I mean, I can probably come up with some justification, but you’d still know it was garbage lol.

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