One a day too much?

I share Missy and Rowan’s sentiments about Blaugust, despite achieving at least one post each day, the truth is that writing doesn’t come that easily to me and having a rigid schedule feels like I’m not giving my best in terms of post quality. I honestly would much rather skip a day when I feel that I have nothing to share.

Last week I found myself struggling with ideas for posts, I look for inspiration from fellow bloggers and either they is nothing I can expand on or there are the group posts such as the 10 Years::10 Questions about World of Warcraft  via Alternative Chat. Having only played WoW on a trial it’s not going to fill much of my blog whitespace.

I haven’t regretted taking on the challenge as I wanted to stretch myself in terms of blogging, I certainly think I have done just that, plus I have discovered a stack of new bloggers so much so that my RSS reader is fit to burst.

Perhaps the next 2 weeks will be little easier, but we’ll see.

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9 thoughts on “One a day too much?”

  1. I couldn’t do it. I vowed to myself when starting my blog that I’d only write when I had something to say. Most days I’m too disappointed with the MMO genre to write anything remotely resembling something critical, positive or coherent. Kudo’s for trying ;>

    On a side note #blaugust is a huge success, I’ve been tracking lots of new blogs myself and thats never a bad thing. Now if I only had time to convert them to using 😉

    1. I can’t believe the number of people trying, it’s very so big.
      I was looking at an easier way to add the hashtags to new posts, not figured it out completely yet 🙂

    1. Yes, if it starts to feel like a chore then it’s not good. Sam goes for games too 🙂

  2. I echo some of your sentiments, but as a whole, the event has helped me to get in a habit of writing more. Ultimately, I think this was the goal.

    Blogging is something different for all of us. For me, I don’t write about just games so not everyone doing Blaugust cares to read those posts. It would be cool if this event could cross over into other blogging communities as well.

  3. I do know how you feel, now I’m at the just after half way point I do feel like I’m starting to run out of steam (well ideas!). I do want to keep on with it though, as some really good things are coming out of this and I am still enjoying it. For me personally, I’m finding I do have a lot more to write about than I thought I did and it’s really freeing to not worry about proof reading so much and just getting stuff out (though my post today was a complete shambles!) And it’s really nice writing up my adventures again, I used to do that in great detail (too much!) for EQ2 and sort of lost my way with it, thinking that I needed to either write something useful or have an opinion…

    Hang in there though, I enjoy reading your posts even if I don’t get time to comment or like 🙂

    And that is obviously the best thing – finding you lot 🙂

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