Coin confusion

I’m terrible at making decisions.
Now that Campaign coins have completed their Kickstarter, I have a choice to make on how I want the coins.

As I mentioned the other day I backed 3 sets of coins in the campaign, which completed on the 25th.
However I’m a little stuck on which combination to pick for my rewards.

The first option is I can upgrade any of my sets from the standard 25mm coins to the larger 30mm coins but in doing so the number of coins in that set goes from twelve to eight.
I thought I was set on having the standard 25mm coins for all my sets as I really like the Fate Logo design.
However after seeing the design of the larger 30mm I find that the outer ring theme is quite appealing.

The second issue comes with picking a finish for each of the sets, there are 5 options to choose from, in order they are
Gold, Bronze, Copper, Silver and Platinum (the coin used is to show the style rather than design)

I’m not overly keen on the platinum finish so thats off the cards to start with, I like the Bronze which is the default finish and the silver.

As I said I’m rubbish at deciding things, I’ll not start on the bag options 😀

My post is almost late and rather short as I have been playing Carcassonne most of the evening.