Sleepy Enemy Within

After a trip to late night trip to A&E with Littlest Troll, today I find myself rather tired and struggling to get anything written up for todays Blaugust post, so apologies if this one comes through a little disjointed.

After my post about the board game and quite a number of J3w3ls posts on her playthrough of XCOM, I decided to fire the game back up and picked up on my Enemy Within playthrough that I had abandoned earlier this year. I turns out that I wasn’t too far from the end game which was nice, I ran some basic missions to get myself familiar with the controls and troops I had at my disposal.

256_icon_04I have to say it’s rare a game remains familiar enough to allow you to jump back in, I’ve restarted countless games of Civ and Skyrim, mostly as the skills, objectives and settings aren’t easily memorable when you go to pick up the reins again.

With XCOM It came back to me quickly and I was soon blasting my play through the Xeno threat with my shotgun heavy team. If forgot what I nice touch the cinematics in add to the overall game aesthetics, yes sometimes they can be frustrating , but most of the time it end up playing clips of my sniper blasting enemies from some awesome ranges.

I still have some achievements missing and plus I’ve already decided that for my XCOM play-through I think I’ll try and complete my Ironman mode game.

#Blaugust #XCOM