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Following up on my XCOM post yesterday, I think it’s safe to say have a thing for achievement hunting and it’s not necessarily that I want to 100% a game, my main weakness can be found in Steam’s global list versus my own achievements for particular game.

Once I have completed a game I often find myself browsing the achievement list to find either those I can obtain quickly or the more obscure achievements. You often find that games will place a number of achievements that can only be obtained by playing a certain Multiplayer campaign, I may try these but generally if it’s not my cup of tea I’ll ignore those and proceed with some other task.

My Rarest

More often and not there tends to be an obscure achievement that has only been unlocked by <0.4% of players. Those are my favourite as they usually mean playing the game in manner that isn’t completely within my comfort zone, yet rewarding me for doing so and I often discover better ways of playing. I have been known on occasion to have restarted a game once it’s apparent that I have missed out on a reward I was hunting for.

Defense Grid has always been a good go to game for tricky achievements that require some thought and planning in order to obtain them, I recently went back to it to complete some of the DLC that I hadn’t completed. The game is fun and getting gold on the level requires a fine balancing act as you try to avoid spending too much so you can build interest on the cash you have.

My Steam profile pages as one showcase with the rarest achievements I have collected and another that is a selection of achievements, I usually pick the strangest/fun looking ones to show off here.

My Favourites

I fondly remember the Fable 2 achievement The Black Knight with a massive nod to Monty Python, it asked you to shoot  the weapons, arms and then head off a skeleton, I must have tried it a hundred times at least before getting this one.

What’s your favourite achievement?
And do you intentionally hunt certain ones down?

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  1. Personally, I care less about achievements. I like when I get some and some are cool/funny, but they are an afterthought. Thankfully for me. I gamed with a lot of people who cared a lot about hitting those and to each their own – its a nice mini ding but things like that remind me I am gaming – I prefer immersion.

    1. I think some achievements allow the designers to take you down the path less treaded, highlight areas of the game that they may feel proud of or in somecases just easter eggs that can often go unnoticed.

      The do break immersion and perhaps future games / systems will address this in a better manner, I know that some titles hold off rewarding them until you return to the main menu.

      1. That is a good middle ground. It’s the popups that I mostly dislike. WildStar is so focused on reminding you that you are playing a game at everystep with the commentator/narrator discussing your every move that it really ruined the wonderment and lore of the entire planet (for me). I know others found it cute and cheeky.

  2. I had an unhealthy obsession with Trophies (Playstation’s version of achievements) for a couple of years, a couple of years ago. I broke myself of the habit when it started ruining my experience with games. Sometimes, the trophies would force me to play in a way that I normally wouldn’t, and that detracted from the fun of the experience. Now I get them when they come and don’t really worry about it. It does bother me to have games on my list with 0% of the trophies, so I’ll just find the easiest one to get if it’s a game I don’t like and plan on uninstalling. On Steam, I’ve not really cared because I basically broke the habit by the time I got involved.

    1. I tend to focus on achievement only once I have completed the game rather than ruining my initial play-through by chasing white rabbits.

      I think there is a striking difference between different games and their achievement systems, for example handing out achievements for playing the game in squence is so lacking in originalitly. Completeing mission 1 is boring, completing mission 1 in a clever way feels more rewarding.

      1. Yeah I do prefer the ones that make you find them, but I don’t enjoy ones like in Dishonored where the focus was on stealth to get the trophies, so I missed a lot of them cause I didn’t want to play that way.

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