No, it’s fine! I didn’t want to play your game anyway

After discovering that Dok (once an original poster here) was going to try out Neverwinter Nights last night, I fired up Steam and grabbed the launcher, thinking that I could download it in preparation and join him as I’d be interested in trying the game out.

Now in terms of MMO’s, ignoring all game mechanics and graphics, there is one thing that truly pisses me off, that is launchers that won’t let you download the game without signing into the client.
It was a problem that bugged me in the days of subscription but it removed the need to have logon functionality built into the game client, but in this modern day Free2Play Utopia why in the world doesn’t your game download from the start?

Of course this was further hampered by the fact all the old Cryptic/Perfect World accounts are now pointing at the ArcGames website. The Arc games website is completely useless in giving any helpful information about how to reset an old account. The help FAQ was more concerned about telling me how to ensure I bought something.

After a few attempts on logging on I attempted a password reset only to find that none of my email addresses could be found on the system.

OK, so I’ll just roll a new account, only I can’t use my usual account name as it’s already in use 😐
After trying to regain my account for over an hour, combined with the fact the game doesn’t download automatically, I gave up on the whole idea and deleted it.

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2 thoughts on “No, it’s fine! I didn’t want to play your game anyway”

  1. You’re just weird! My old perfect world account was able to reset the password straight away. I’ve been quite enjoying the game too, even done a few pick-up-group dungeons!

  2. I got an email back about jumping through some hoops and confirming my data was still there. Dunno if I can be arsed now.

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