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Month: August 2014

Mission achievable

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Following up on my XCOM post yesterday, I think it’s safe to say have a thing for achievement hunting and it’s not necessarily that I want to 100% a game, my main weakness can be found in Steam’s global list versus my own achievements for particular game.

Once I have completed a game I often find myself browsing the achievement list to find either those I can obtain quickly or the more obscure achievements. You often find that games will place a number of achievements that can only be obtained by playing a certain Multiplayer campaign, I may try these but generally if it’s not my cup of tea I’ll ignore those and proceed with some other task.

My Rarest

More often and not there tends to be an obscure achievement that has only been unlocked by <0.4% of players. Those are my favourite as they usually mean playing the game in manner that isn’t completely within my comfort zone, yet rewarding me for doing so and I often discover better ways of playing. I have been known on occasion to have restarted a game once it’s apparent that I have missed out on a reward I was hunting for.

Defense Grid has always been a good go to game for tricky achievements that require some thought and planning in order to obtain them, I recently went back to it to complete some of the DLC that I hadn’t completed. The game is fun and getting gold on the level requires a fine balancing act as you try to avoid spending too much so you can build interest on the cash you have.

My Steam profile pages as one showcase with the rarest achievements I have collected and another that is a selection of achievements, I usually pick the strangest/fun looking ones to show off here.

My Favourites

I fondly remember the Fable 2 achievement The Black Knight with a massive nod to Monty Python, it asked you to shoot  the weapons, arms and then head off a skeleton, I must have tried it a hundred times at least before getting this one.

What’s your favourite achievement?
And do you intentionally hunt certain ones down?

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Sleepy Enemy Within

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After a trip to late night trip to A&E with Littlest Troll, today I find myself rather tired and struggling to get anything written up for todays Blaugust post, so apologies if this one comes through a little disjointed.

After my post about the board game and quite a number of J3w3ls posts on her playthrough of XCOM, I decided to fire the game back up and picked up on my Enemy Within playthrough that I had abandoned earlier this year. I turns out that I wasn’t too far from the end game which was nice, I ran some basic missions to get myself familiar with the controls and troops I had at my disposal.

256_icon_04I have to say it’s rare a game remains familiar enough to allow you to jump back in, I’ve restarted countless games of Civ and Skyrim, mostly as the skills, objectives and settings aren’t easily memorable when you go to pick up the reins again.

With XCOM It came back to me quickly and I was soon blasting my play through the Xeno threat with my shotgun heavy team. If forgot what I nice touch the cinematics in add to the overall game aesthetics, yes sometimes they can be frustrating , but most of the time it end up playing clips of my sniper blasting enemies from some awesome ranges.

I still have some achievements missing and plus I’ve already decided that for my XCOM play-through I think I’ll try and complete my Ironman mode game.

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All the fun of 4v1

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Bioware’s Shadow Realms look set to jump into the pool with Turtle Rock Studio’s Evolve, both sporting 4v1 online co-op gameplay, but the target audience maybe vastly different.

In the blue corner

Evolve’s First Person Shooter feel will undoubtedly draw on Turtles Rocks experience with the Left 4 Dead franchise and attract those fans, especially with advancements they made in AI with the Director functionality and multiplayer elements playing right into the setup for a 4v1 style of game.

The Evolve setting is based a group of hunters, which when I originally heard about it sounded a little boring but it turns out the setting is a distant planet where colonists come under attack by alien forces. The group of players will have to take down the Monster, while navigating the less than friendly environment.

The roles of the players will be assault, trapper, support and medic classes, each with unique abilities they bring to the table, below is a long playthrough but within the first 10 minutes you have a feel for the game and how it mechanics slot together especially for the hunters, each with a key role to perform.

And in the red corner

The Shadow Realms setting looks to be modern linked with a parallel world and just a hint of conspiracy thrown in for good measure (reminded me instantly of Dreamfall). It has a feel like a traditional RPG with a 3rd person perspective and looks to be going down a fairly magic heavy route compared the Scifi themed Evolve. Additionally it looks to be offering episodic content that leans more heavily on story than raw gameplay.

The fantasy setting comings more apparent when you look at the classes in the game Assassin, Warlock, Warrior, Cleric, Wizard and Ranger. Another nod comes from the fact the ShadowLord acts like a dungeon master to a certain degree, selecting traps and altering the environment to hinder the co-op players.

If I’m honest watching the video below got me thinking of a modern retake of Gauntlet, which isn’t entirely a bad thing.

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The Witness

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As I mentioned in my questionnaire one of the games I am looking forward to is The Witness, which is an exploration puzzle game that I have been watching for a good while now.
The game is being built by a small studio lead by Jonathan Blow, best know for his platformer Braid which had some great mechanics and artwork.

The in game visuals come across as if they have been painted it has a very unique looking art style. On eo the feature that has been enjoyable during the games development has been the blog post covering lots of different programming obstacles that they have had to overcome.


Another person working on the game is Eric A Andersson, who previously worked on a number of game based in the Uru universe (Myst). And keeping that in mind The Witness is set on an uninhabited island, with a collection of puzzle that look set to keep me happy at least, the specifics of the title have been keep rather close to their chests and with over 25 hours of puzzle solving gameplay I can understand why.

Some my favourite and hair-pulling moments came from the Myst games and very few games even try to match the level on involvement needed for a puzzle, so it’s quite fair to say I’m excited about this game.

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