Two year reprieve

Two years and one day exactly after the closure announcement of City of Heroes/Villains, new hope comes from the most unlikely direction.
This post over at the Titan Network explains it in more detail and covers alot of text, but if the deal is successful there could be a Maintenance version of the i23 content available (no characters at this point),  I know it not set in stone yet but I have to say the thought of diving into the game and a 1.5 version sounds amazing.


One thought on “Two year reprieve”

  1. I could care less about seeing characters return, I just want City of Heroes back for a change. Champions Online was a big disappointment for me.

    It’d be even nicer if this opens things up to make a version of the game that’s a little faster to level. It didn’t take THAT long when I played, but it got to be a bit repetitive/grindy pretty quickly.

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