Board Creeper Bundle

I may have mentioned that this year I have been running a monthly board gaming group at work. The number of people varies but we usually have enough show up to run up to two games.

I aim to make the games as diverse as possible between sessions and it’s been a great learning experience for me in terms of organizing the sessions and teaching the rulesets to games.

I’m hoping to increase the frequency of the event to get more games in per year.


The rumours that Microsoft are in talks to regarding the purchase of Mojang has been taken by the community in the expected fashion. I have only just got back into playing Minecraft again and then this happens, it must be a sign πŸ˜›

Personally I can’t say I’d be happy if it did happen but then the more I read Notchs post from June such a deal would have to be driven by other factors other than money.

That said I guess we’ll only know when the truth of the matter comes to light and who knows when that may be and what the final shape of a deal if any will look like.


The Humble Indie Mumble 12 is now running at contains good number of titles including Gunpoint, Papers, Please and Gone Home. Dispite owning a number of the titles I find myself tempted by the fact that more game will be added and I can get my mits on the Gone Home soundtrack.