Grind Core

It’s taken about a week but I have finally got all 40 gold medals on the containment DLC for Defense Grid, while doing so also got the 2nd and 3rd rarest that the game has to offer. The hardest part is trying not to lose any Cores in the mayhem that the tower defense game offers.



All 3 have automagically appeared in rarest achievement widget on my Steam Profile knocking some less rare icons off the page.
It’s not uncommon to see achievements under 5% but it’s quite hard to find those where less than 1% of the players have achieved them, which is half of the reason I like to hunt them down as generally they don’t tend to be very hard just obscure or need a little time investment.

Games that have more owners (not players) and achievements will usually have more unearned with lower percentages, for examine Civ 5 has 287 achievement and some of the rarest has only been obtained by only 0.1% of the player base.

Post Blaugust break

I was planning to carry on with a few posts per week after Blaugust but every time I fired up WordPress or Live Writer, my brain would just sit thinking for ages but the posts did not flow.

So after a small break I want to get back on the wagon and still aim for 2 to 3 per week.

* yay for using grind core without mentioning music

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2 thoughts on “Grind Core”

  1. I haven’t played Defense Grid in a while. Well, I played a bit of the Defense Grid 2 beta, which is looking good so far, but which is pretty limited with only two story levels available. But for a while I was chasing achievements in DG. I have a lot of hours logged for a single player game. For me at least.

    I think I am close to the Fully Contained achievement, but the other two are way out there for me.

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