Board Creeper Bundle

I may have mentioned that this year I have been running a monthly board gaming group at work. The number of people varies but we usually have enough show up to run up to two games.

I aim to make the games as diverse as possible between sessions and it’s been a great learning experience for me in terms of organizing the sessions and teaching the rulesets to games.

I’m hoping to increase the frequency of the event to get more games in per year.


The rumours that Microsoft are in talks to regarding the purchase of Mojang has been taken by the community in the expected fashion. I have only just got back into playing Minecraft again and then this happens, it must be a sign ūüėõ

Personally I can’t say I’d be happy if it did happen but then the more I read Notchs post from June such a deal would have to be driven by other factors other than money.

That said I guess we’ll only know when the truth of the matter comes to light and who knows when that may be and what the final shape of a deal if any will look like.


The Humble Indie Mumble 12 is now running at contains good number of titles including Gunpoint, Papers, Please and Gone Home. Dispite owning a number of the titles I find myself tempted by the fact that more game will be added and I can get my mits on the Gone Home soundtrack.

Rather busy week – [Generic Title 45]

Well I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to keep up the post a day schedule after Blaugust ended, however I planned on poster sooner than today if I’m completely honest.
However this week had other plans and has been rather chaotic all around. I was asked to help with a deployment at work which meant crashing at a friends house and getting up at 2am in order to be onsite for 3am. Websites are marvelous things.

Usually I would have left after working my contracted hours, but as the time rolled on and my familiarity with the system was needed I didn’t end up leaving until 3pm.
After that my days this week have been all out of phase, plus concerns about the NATO summit  hampering people traveling to and from work, everyone was working from home the last 2 days, which is a bonkers experience when no-one is in the office.

Apart from not blogging I have also failed to read any blogs so my RSS reader is sitting at a happy 157 unread.

Onwards and sidewards

podtatoesI did find some time this week to try something that I haven’t done for ages, namely being¬†on the¬†Couch Podtatoes¬†podcast. Last week¬†Izlain asked if anyone was interested in being a guest on the podcast, so after a little debating it over in my head, I thought it would be good to try again.

Thankfully I wasn’t the only as guest as¬†Jaedia has also signed up as a guest too and what with all the excitement at work I blinked and it was Wednesday. I was rather nervous but I have to say that¬†Izlain’s approach is laid back and after a quiet start I was soon into the swing of things.

You can find the episode here or here.


Once were smokers

In early 2009 when we found out that we were having a child, the first and most likely hardest task for me was giving up smoking. I’d been smoking since about 1994/5 it was a mammoth task that I ultimately achieved via a long drawn out process.

I find it funny when people tell me to the exact number of days, weeks or years since they have given up cigarettes, as mine was a very gradual process that leaves me unable to pin down an exact date, I can narrow it down to Q4 2009 which isn’t as wonderously detailed as other peoples cessation timeline.

My wife had gone cold turkey and given up overnight, however I knew that I could never go down the path as my wife had, so I employed a 2 step approach to start.
Nicotine replacement was the likely route for me, so first was to decide on the delivery method, to start I would use patches.

Careful now

A word of warning on the patches front, in my experience with these systems the recommended level is normally far too strong. In 2006 I had attempted to give up and after consulting Nicotinels chart they indicated that I should be on Step 1 (highest), after a day of so I was feeling nausea and discomfort to the point I had to stop using them.

It’s interesting to note that after this experience I was subconsciously smoking around 50% more which I can only put down to the prolonged dosage I had received.

Now my mother has not smoked in years, however she’s swapped the habit for nicotine replacement gum, the thing that was suppose to help her is now a new¬†source of addiction.
I wanted to avoid this and given that the doses are stronger I was wary of taking them for too long.

So on my second attempt in with patches in 2009, I started at stage 2 which at times also felt a little too much, so I would cut them in half to reduce the dose.
Ultimately I lowered to the last stage (3) to get away from the practice of having to cut up patches, this suited me more and it was a good two months using these before taking any further steps.

Patches were only half of the story, as they would see me through from 6am to 6pm during work times, but I was still having a few smokes in the evenings at home (outside ofc), which I wasn’t happy about but it was a strange middle ground I had seemed to find.

Down with this sort of thing

My last step was to move away from the Patches and the evening smoking, I swapped to Microtabs, which in all fairness tasted like crap. Plus they were stronger than I wanted, so again I divided the dose into smaller amounts.

It was at this point that I actually stopped smoking cigarettes, It took me another few months or so to gradually wean myself off the replacement therapy, but I’m happy to say it worked out and I haven’t returned to smoking.

* I originally typed this post in Sept 2014 and only just got to posting it

Two year reprieve

Two years and one day exactly after the closure announcement of City of Heroes/Villains, new hope comes from the most unlikely direction.
This post over at the Titan Network explains it in more detail and covers alot of text, but if the deal is successful there could be a Maintenance version of the i23 content available (no characters at this point),  I know it not set in stone yet but I have to say the thought of diving into the game and a 1.5 version sounds amazing.