After a bad month for gaming as a whole the hosts of the Couch Podtatoes podcast Izlain and J3w3l have transformed October in to a month of fun filled activities focused around games. The event has it’s own ANook page which participants can use to apply for and co-ordinate gaming, it can be found here


So far I have taken part in the Strife event, where I learnt that Izlain is more bot than machine.
I’m pondering setting up a Left 4 Dead 2 game in the next few weeks, keep your eye peeled for that one or comment if you think you maybe interested.

I know my post is a little late but I have been struggling in getting some writing mojo flowing.


I’ve continued to chip away at Phantoms and progressing quite nicely. There are a few things that I like about the game such as the lack of Kills on the scoreboard and the removal of support activities like health or Ammo pack dispenser.

Gah, these online games, I can never fit in my full ChaoticDecimation name into them

One small problem I find is that sometimes the characters aren’t facing the right direction in which they are facing/firing, so creeping up on an enemy only to discover they are watching you.

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3 thoughts on “Bragtoberfest”

  1. I’d love to play some L4D2, but I sadly do not own it. I played the game quite regularly in the past but was on a former roommate’s console.

  2. I played a lot of L4D, the sequel not so much, never quite got used to the new cast.

    I’d be game for either, given a reasonable time I can attend and some advance notice to download and test that my potato computer can still run it. 🙂

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