Happy New Year bloggers!

Well despite my best efforts I couldn’t get my blogging mojo back into gear in the tail end of 2014, which I know if a recurring problem for me.

Admittedly I have swapped back to my old team at work and rejoined the Out of Hours support Rota, which has left me with more work that ever before.

Where am I gaming wise?

Well I did return to Planetside 2 as everyone was playing it and nagged me to join in, of course as soon as I did a large number of them went off to play WoW.

I’ve still been playing Shards of War when possible and I’m currently around level 20.

I have picked up a number of games in the Steam sale that will be playing through:

  • DefenseGrid 2
  • Invisible, Inc
  • The Marvellous Miss Take
  • Don’t Starve Together

Plus I got Shadows of Mordor for Christmas which I Haven’t started yet.
I also got some board games and some expansions which I’m looking forward to playing in the new year.

6 thoughts on “2015”

  1. After the whole WildStar trainwreck, I’ve vowed not to follow others to different games if it’s not something I myself am keen to do and if I’m not prepared to branch out and find new people to play with when the others inevitably drift off to another game. It always seems to happen!

    Happy New Year 🙂

  2. Hehehe thanks for the like. You may be the only person who got to see that post for the next 24-72 hours while DNS updates my domain change. Doh!

    And happy New Year 🙂

  3. I played the original Planetside and it was ok, but I hear Planetside 2 was really cool. Then I heard a bunch of negativity about it. I should give it a whirl sometime.

    1. Well feel free to shout if you want a guide of sorts. It’s normally good to find a big outfit to be part of as it can provide direction and less dying 🙂

      1. I’m downloading it now… I’m pretty sure there aren’t separate servers, so I’ll drop you a line when I know what my in-game handle will be. What faction are you?

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