Too much work

Well my blogging has taken a big hit as I’ve been a little overwealmed with a project at work that is creeping into my free time a little.  When that happens my blogging schedule is usually the first victim.
Outside of the out of hours support that I usually do, I’m certainly not in favour of donating my free time to work, but I think this one has a little more pride on the line than usual.
Normalish service will resume soon.

Friendly Bytes

I recently followed the Twitter conversation and blog posts the last week which focused on discussion around online friendships, what they mean to people, experiences and how they rank against real-life relationships.
You can read them here :
Belghast – Braxwolf – Liore – ContainsModeratePeril

While reading these I was reminded of a post that I wrote during the hectic month of Blaugust. As you can see I am a firm believer that online friendships can be as good if not better than those formed in the real world. I’ll be the first to admit that there are always some people that aren’t the kind of person I’d befriend, but that logic applies to both sides of the coin.

In the last year I have made more online acquaintances, some of them gamers others are bloggers whom I read on my commute to work, some via my Clan.
Many of them I’ll never met in in real life as they are over 3000 miles away, however there are a number that I see yearly and many interact with almost everyday.

As Belghast says I’m not a football type of person however despite talking about different sports, the non-sport element remains strong. There is always Bluffball I suppose, but who wants to be a big normal man anyway?

Hidden in plain sight

The Secret World still remains one of my favourite MMO games, of course as with many titles games I’ve not played it in time but given the chance I’d return to the Secret World concealed within this one. I played from launch and even though there were a large number of us initially, the familiar faces soon diverted their attention to something more shiny.

Belghast recently posted how it’s one of the games that he considers great that’s he’s just not playing, and I can understand why as the games open class system doesn’t actually cut the ties between roles and skills. I’ve been back a number of of times and have enjoyed going back to the earlier missions to get a feel for my characters powers. My alerts on my phone all use a combination of the mission noises from TSW so I get reminded of it quite often (a modern day equivalent of harp music?).

revenant_thumb.jpgIn the recent Game Director Letter, Funcom are planning some quality of life changes that I’m rather surprised weren’t considered before now given that the game is 2 and half years old now and they may have been part of the player drop off.

Some of the highlights mentioned are:

  • changes to the overland enemies pre-Tokyo reducing the time to kill
  • Adjustment of the irritating populations “mobstacles” ie Ak’ab
  • Free teleport to any anima well for quick travel, which is a nice touch and could make those planned evening run a little faster.
  • Improved early game rewards to avoid player gimping themselves
  • Updated starter deck builds

I recently received an offering me the Grand Master (flash) pack with some additional bolt ons such as 6000 funcom points, 5 Deep Mystery Boxes and a free copy of the game (key). I’d consider it but it’s too soon after Christmas to start buying lifetime memberships.

Now just to get another ragtag assortment of players to blast through some more content or since it’s now I a little smoother maybe spend some time completing things in Egypt myself.


Excited, understatement!

So 18 months after my local phone exchange was converted, fibre to the cabinet that serves my phone line, has finally been completed.



Which means I don’t have to keep checking the blasted website every week. Admittedly when I last contacted BT the indicated that the already stood cabinet may be completed by the end of March. Turns out it was true.  WOO YAY.

The owls are not what they seem

As much as the Steam Box is exciting and the idea of being able to access my game library on the couch is one that thrills me, the fact of the matter is everyone that I have talked too about having a SteamOS enabled living area, has pretty much indicated that they would most likely consider building their own machine.

There are still X number of companies pre-building models to ultimately sell, we are likely to see more about them at upcoming events like GDC but considering the information we witnessed before and some of the most ludicrously priced hardware, I’m not expecting this year to be any different and if it is indeed more of the same then it’s drives me further away from the idea of purchasing a prefab one.

The part I’m really interested in is the (owl) controller, which has been through many iterations as the design has changed
Valves haptic controller is also rumoured to be making an appearance at GDC this year, of course now the central touch screen is gone, the button configuration have been adjusted, modified and rejigged, the directional buttons have been replaced by some kind of analogue stick it’s believed?


I’m hoping the final product (whatever the design) will be in my grubby little mitts before the year is out, mind you it could be utter pants, guess we have to wait and see.

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