SOE betide

Well it’s safe to say that the news that SOE has been sold, further cements my belief that the companies strategy hasn’t been great over the last few years.
For me personally the cash shop focus has been awful and abused to the point that many players stopped buying into the OP/Nerf cycle.

  • Release CashShop Overpowered Item
  • Pimp said item in and out of game
  • Wait the standard 2 to 3 weeks for it to become flavour of the month
  • Nerf item to standard levels
  • Count your profit Scrooge McDuck style
  • Repeat

I suppose the lining is that the new Daybreak Company aims to also focus on Xbox and mobile platforms freeing the development studio from the Sony bias.

As it stands the offering SOE still feels a little lacklustre and I wonder if we will see some cutting loose of the non-profitable games that are hanging around (not that SOE didn’t already do that recently) such as PS (original).

But at least Smedley will be around to buy crap loads of donuts.

4 thoughts on “SOE betide”

  1. SOE has always been an odd company. They make a lot of mistakes that are often highly visible. Their focus seems to obviously on making a profit before necessarily making a good product. Yet, somehow, they are so earnest and up front about most things that you still have to like them and root for them.

    I don’t get it.

  2. Personally, I didn’t mind the Sony bias, because I’m Sony biased. I dislike Xbox and Nintendo, so the remaining console is Sony owned. SOE has also put out 2 of my favorite MMOs of all time, and I’m currently loving H1Z1, so I guess my only concern is the quality of games going forward.

    The cash shop issues aren’t SOE-centric, all games with a cash shop have received criticism, save for certain exceptions like League of Legends or Path of Exile. Those issues won’t go away because companies have to make money, and the subscription model seems to be on its way out.

    1. I’m under no assumptions that the cash shop model won’t be staying, I think my distaste is at the implementation, to me it feels like SOE drives those who would be longer term players away with their short-sightedness, thus their isn’t much in the way of brand loyalty.

      I’m keen to try H1Z1 as I have heard mixed things sofar but I’m willing to give it a go.

      1. I think it’s worth the money asked, but you might want to wait til it releases as it will be F2P and you might not like spending money on an early access title.

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