OP Respawn timer

For us massive multiplayer gamers news about our games can often be hidden away behind the console and triple AAA game news on a mainstream game news site. It might not seem like much but Massively, as the name suggests, was just that. It was a place without the majority of column space taking about the next XBone exclusive title or how Battlefield Hardline’s pot plant.

When I heard that AOL decided to close nearly all of the weblogs Joystiq and Massively included it was quite a shock. The reason given reminded of NCSoft’s closure of Paragon Studios, spouting line such as “saving money” and “focus efforts elsewhere”, which we all know is pretty much BS.

The final post was rather moving and telling of the community which poured out their support for the website.


Rather than take it all lying down the brave staff have decided to go independent with their new brand Massively Overpowered. As I write this the Kickstarter of Massively OP is over 40% of their goal with 28 days remaining.

I have gladly backed them and wish them all the best with this new venture.
I was a reader of Massively for a number of years, yes on occasion I would find myself disagreeing with some things, but as with any well thought out content it got people talking and engaged, more than can be said about some sites that just ooze trolls and bile.