More plugin fun

So after my toe-dipping exercise into making a plugin to cater for adding text to the publicize functionality, I decide to build a proper admin screen for the plugin, which I have to admit wasn’t as complex as I first thought it would be.

First up was the text to be inserted, I found out that spaces were being striped of the text I’d entered so I added some toggles to handle this. I also wanted to see what the end result would look like without having to create a new post to do so. Here is the latest version.


Since I was on a roll I turned my focus to another hard-coded feature of my site, the “What I’m Playing” widget. This one is a little tricker as I had to make the widget appear in the widget menu (another first for me) and then create an admin panel to populate the information from. I could have build it dynamically to allow an unlimited number of multiple entries, bt as I only tend to have a handful which I update as I go I decided to just go with a limit of 6 but usually it’s only ever 3.

game plugin admin

The image dropdown is loaded in from a list of images in a particular folder, again I feel it’s nice to see the changes in the same page so you can spot any problems after saving a little quicker.

3 thoughts on “More plugin fun”

  1. Another one I’m liking the look of! You could even extend it to books and music and tv shows, anime.. all sorts.
    Could be pretty customiseable. 😀

    1. Indeed, it crossed my mind when i was building it.
      If I can figure out a more elegant method of adding them I think i will attempt to push it out too.

  2. Hey Welshtroll,

    I got hooked up to your website through Missy and Jaedia. I see you have a list of Gamer blogs that I find really useful. Always looking to read up on what others are doing in games.

    I also have a gaming blog: called ‘My Life in Azeroth’, that talks about my doings in World of Warcraft. If you could consider adding it to your list, I would be really grateful.

    On another note, I don’t know what part of Wales you’re in, but I went to school in Cowbridge. I live in the US now, but I still have family in South Wales.


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