The pharma’s in his den

Well the madness continues on the work front, to the point that of the 2 days I had off this week, I spend a large portion on my laptop and/or conference call. Typical.

All of that aside on wednesday it was my birthday and I had a stack of lovely gifts, many board game related of course. May have to extend the house just for our board games now 🙂

Thursday the 4th, Big Pharma went into pre-order with beta access which i have been watching for some time now.
The game is being published by Positech who you may know from other titles.

BigPharmalogoThe brilliant thing about purchasing direct from the developer/publisher is that you know more money goes straight to developer, plus with Positech they reward this at point of sale.
So when you go to purchase the game you can purchase additional copies at half price which is what I did when I bought Red Shirt and as Rachy was interested in Big Pharma I also did it with this title. Certainly worth it if you are buying for family and friends.

As promised I spent a good few hours streaming the game and may have clocked in about 12 hours gameplay on the first day, quite an addictive game I can’t wait to see how the game evolves in the next few months.

But so far it’s be well worth the money and I can’t see me putting it down any time soon.


I’ve finally jumped back into Heroes of the Storm with my clan mates, the first time in quite a while and of course since the game launched on Monday.

There are mixed feelings about the game with many seeing it as a ‘easy mode’ MOBA, that said Blizzard are keen to retain the Hero Brawler tag in an effort to separate in from others in the field. For me the easy and time scales are more inline with my needs and ultimately that is what drives my gaming choices now-a-days.

I play support mostly as usual, I also think that the map variation and interactive events are key to retaining my interest.