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Month: August 2015

Meanwhile … (3 months)

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So seeing as I’ve not really been posting properly for a few months I have likely skipped a few bits and bobs, so here a recap of some key things that have happened this year so far:

  • I bought a car, the one I had before was having electrical issues so I bit a huge bullet and bought a 3 year old replacement.
    • I’m also now completed the round trip to Yorkshire to visit the in-laws
  • The company I work for had the remaining 50% bought by the 50% stakeholder
    • There was a large number of “leavers” at work, in the 7 years i’ve worked there many had became good friends
    • I’ve been part of a Windows 2003 server upgrade that nearly killed me due to the amount extra work needed to get it rolled out in time
  • Two of my Kickstarter rewards arrived

Musical Interlude

ResonanceVNV Nation are an alternative-electronic group and they happen to be one of my favourite bands. In the Summer they release the album Resonance: Music For Orchestra Vol. 1.
It has some of their favourite tracks, rewritten for voice and as the title suggests for an orchestra. I had been keen to see this album created after videos of the bands set as part of Gothic meets Klassik in 2012.

The album great as the rewritten songs are recognisable yet hauntingly different thanks to the Babelsberg film orchestra. I’ve embedded a player for both versions of the same song incase you are curious.

Original Album:

Resonance Album version:

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4.3 update

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I updated to WP 4.3 yesterday and found that one of my plugins ceased working, it also stopped the website from loading, both the blog and admin pages.
So I decided that I would raise a ticket to let the developer know there was an issue with the plugin:

I’m very happy that the problem has been fixed, but can’t say that I was ecstatic with the developers comment, seeing as my feedback was the first one posted after I’d checked to ensure there wasn’t one already raised. (The post ID’s give it away).

Perhaps I’m just in a grumpy mood today, as I often have to deal with many cases of people not reading things correctly, getting the wrong end of the stick or just ignoring the facts in-front of them. Normally these are my customers so it’s hard to rant at their complete lack of understanding or attention to detail, and you just have to point out their mistake.

I felt a little dissuaded from raising feedback in the future.

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Hangout to dry?

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I remembered when Google+ was hinted at as one of the best ways to use Google Hangout online. Well now Google have launched a standalone website for Hangouts at

I the guess it’s related to the alphabet shake up, but part of me wonders if it could be a signal toward the end of Google+, as for me Hangout was the only reason I would ever visit the site.

For me the new Hangouts website is far better than having to keep Google+ or Gmail open, my only bugbear at the moment is that the Background rotates randomly, which while mimicking the ChromeCast isn’t really what I want if I’m using the site at work. Please allow me to set a custom background or disable the slideshow.

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Over the so called summer I have been watching the first series of Geek & Sundry’s TitansGrave  which has now come to it’s conclusion.

The series was part of the TableTop season 3 that successful crowd funded in May last year, I was rather happy that the funding allowed for the RPG show to be created alongside the normal TableTop series.
After the Dragon Age RPG that was part of Tabletop Series 2 I wanted to see how much they could do with a standalone series but keeping with the high product qualities that the shows had demonstrated previously.
Happy to say I wasn’t disappointed.


If you haven’t had chance to catch the series you can now binge watch it if you have a spare 9 hours, but remember to start at Chapter 0 which gives a good overview.

Not forgetting that Geek & Sundry is also host to another RPG game named Critical Role, where Matthew Mercer GM’s a Dungeons and Dragon game with eight of his fellow voice actors in traditional pen and paper epic 3 hour sessions, which you can also watch live on twitch (which I’d watch live if it wasn’t on at 3am) weekly.

* Harp Music Here *

My very first role playing experiences was joining a friend on his weekly saturday gaming which open up a whole new world of gaming past-times but sadly my friend lived to far away for it to become a regular event for me.

While I was still in the last years of school and college I was introduced to members of a local group who played on a weekly basis. I soon received an invite to join them and enjoyed a number of years smashing our way through the wilds and dungeons in Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition.
Weirdly the average age in the group was much older than myself but once it was cleared with the adults in my life at the time I would attend the weekly meetup and

Recently I’ve played some, but with like to get into another campaign at some point, I’d like to try out and build a game using the Fate system. Having bought a few Fate related resources over the last year it would be a shame not to do so 🙂


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A mixture of things

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My whistle stop update which maybe more than I have written in ages.

Since my list post featured some music, I thought I’d share a little more with you.
I can’t remember how but I discovered Postmodern Jukebox earlier this year and even though I don’t know/like all the songs I find the concept of taking a song and giving it a retro feel it’s rather awesome, especially when you can listen and attempt to guess the style/period they are mimicking.

You can see the list of videos here


I’ve been trying to get into blogging with more frequency, partly inspired by all those folks who are taking part in Blaugust. I’ve attempted to read as many of the blogs as possible and of course commenting where I see fit. I tend to browse my RSS reader in the evenings so often end up having to catch up on the last batch of yesterdays posts, but they are all worth it.

As I alluded before my work load has calmed down a little now so I’m aiming to set time aside for blogging related activities.

Paragon Chat

I thought I’d blogged about Paragon chat, but maybe I dreamt about blogging about it.
Anyway you’ll have most likely seen news about the Paragon Chat application that has been constructed to allow you to chat with other Titan network members while using an avatar created in the City of Heroes/Villains game and walking around the environments.

I’ve been in a number of times and it still doesn’t get boring, of course there aren’t any interactive elements, powers or travel systems, but it’s great to natter with like minded folks who think the same as you and miss the crap out of the game.


I have heard the same blurb spouted from numerous different people in my years working in IT:

“there will be a non-managerial technical path for Developers to focus on that allows them to specialise rather than manage”

This always turns out to be bullshit as companies don’t want to have two streams of job roles to maintain, so to progress you are usually pushed into managing people or stay where you are.

In the last 12 months I have moved from a purely technical role to one that has elements of line management attached. I knew this when I applied, however I find it all rather new and terrifying.  Of course the worse part is the lack of any guidance and support in this role as there is lack of not caring as you’re a manager it’s your responsibility to sort stuff out.


I’m still enjoying Big Pharma and have been spending a bit of time in World of Tanks, who are celebrating their 5th anniversary.
I do want to try and get back into a MMO but I struggle to get into then now-a-days, we’ll see if anything draws my attention.

But at least it’s Friday YAY \o/
But I’m on call 🙁

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