Hangout to dry?

I remembered when Google+ was hinted at as one of the best ways to use Google Hangout online. Well now Google have launched a standalone website for Hangouts at

I the guess it’s related to the alphabet shake up, but part of me wonders if it could be a signal toward the end of Google+, as for me Hangout was the only reason I would ever visit the site.

For me the new Hangouts website is far better than having to keep Google+ or Gmail open, my only bugbear at the moment is that the Background rotates randomly, which while mimicking the ChromeCast isn’t really what I want if I’m using the site at work. Please allow me to set a custom background or disable the slideshow.

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3 thoughts on “Hangout to dry?”

  1. Google has been cutting back on Google+ for a while now. They are/already did divorce it from YouTube after that big kerfuffle over requiring it.

    I don’t think it is long for this world.

    Also, Chrome has a great Hangouts extension. This new standalone is welcome, but also redundant for me.

    1. I have multiple gmail accounts and the chrome plugin never allowed me to switch between them it would default to the first one that was signed into Google. Very annoying. That is at home, at work I don’t have the option of chrome extensions and I believe chrome maybe going altogether at work so IE for everything will work on this. Yay.

  2. I’m pretty happy about this, Hangouts were about the last feature in G+ that I was using, so I’m happy to separate it out.

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