Meanwhile … (3 months)

So seeing as I’ve not really been posting properly for a few months I have likely skipped a few bits and bobs, so here a recap of some key things that have happened this year so far:

  • I bought a car, the one I had before was having electrical issues so I bit a huge bullet and bought a 3 year old replacement.
    • I’m also now completed the round trip to Yorkshire to visit the in-laws
  • The company I work for had the remaining 50% bought by the 50% stakeholder
    • There was a large number of “leavers” at work, in the 7 years i’ve worked there many had became good friends
    • I’ve been part of a Windows 2003 server upgrade that nearly killed me due to the amount extra work needed to get it rolled out in time
  • Two of my Kickstarter rewards arrived

Musical Interlude

ResonanceVNV Nation are an alternative-electronic group and they happen to be one of my favourite bands. In the Summer they release the album Resonance: Music For Orchestra Vol. 1.
It has some of their favourite tracks, rewritten for voice and as the title suggests for an orchestra. I had been keen to see this album created after videos of the bands set as part of Gothic meets Klassik in 2012.

The album great as the rewritten songs are recognisable yet hauntingly different thanks to the Babelsberg film orchestra. I’ve embedded a player for both versions of the same song incase you are curious.

Original Album:

Resonance Album version:

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