Into 2016 we stride

Happy New Year bloggers, well it’s about time for my annual blog reboot post.
But first up is my recap on the last few months of 2015.


I’ve continued to play Dirty Bomb, leveling up to around 9, the leveling in the game is good damn slow.
I’m not completely sure why the game even has the levels as they don’t really do much in say sense, other than the usual wall to stop hackers in free to play multilayer game.

I used some of my Christmas money to purchase Diablo 3 plus the expansion (which is a purchase option that isn’t shown on the store). I’ve played the demo and figured that I would dive in and get the full game, so far it’s been fun and I’m hoping to get some more streaming of it this year.

For the last three months I’ve been signed up to the Monthly Humble Bundle, I have to admit I’ve enjoyed getting and opening a new bunch of games monthly. Those that I already have in my library I attempt to find good homes among my Steam friends list.

The clan and I played some Battlefield 4 over the Christmas period which people seemed to enjoy and we are toying with the idea of running on a regular basis.

Board Games

My wife and I have been playing more board games as time passes we may need to extend the house just for the new games that arrived this festive season. This year I’ve also started a small army of Bolt Action miniatures which I’m hoping to get some matches played in the next few months. And maybe some clan focused games in the near future too. I’ll attempt to write up some board game reviews and battle reports this year.

Well, I’m going to try and write 2 blog posts per week, hopefully helped by my new Nvidia Shield tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard that will hopefully allow for easier typing.