Forged online

In the last week we’ve upgraded our Monitors and Graphics cards and have been enjoying playing games in proper widescreen and without as much glitchiness.
Plus I get to say “My new years resolution is 1920 by 1080” ūüėČ


I’ve been trying to remember to run Forge when I’m playing a game it supports, for those¬†who aren’t familiar (really it’s been around ages) with the website/software, it a¬†simple way to share your gaming. It allows you to stream live and allows you to extract screenshots and up to 30 second clips, all without the annoying set up of OBS or XSplit for video capture, but also it’s a one way channel, people can watch you stream but there is no chat that you have to monitor or feel¬†obliged to use to interact with other people.

I’m still finding that the quality of the recordings is a little lacking and I can’t figure out if it’s just my rig that has issues or just a limitation of the¬†software. ¬†There is a new version coming soon that with have better native recording.