Facing Diablo

Yesterday evening I completed the main 5 Acts of Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls, I have to say I really enjoyed the story even if there was no clear plot device for me showing up and smashing everyone’s pots and vases to shit.

My barbarian is now level 55 and primed to hit adventure mode, when I feel ready to go back to it. It’s odd that in some game I will favour ranged but others melee is more my style, I’m looking forward to trying the demon hunter out in the future too.


This week update 2.4 had gone live which also triggers the start of Season 5 ,which I see a number of people (especially on twitter) including Belghast is taking part in it. I may roll a character but not really convinced that I’ll put too much time into it.

Only a quick post today as I have a head cold and feel awful.