The Flame in the flood

After watching StarGrace playing the game on Twitch I was compelled to pick up this fantastic title. The game is described as a survival rogue-like and for the most part it’s true to this genre. However the game follows a guided path that is impossible to avoid, the river, which can be varied and deadly.
Despite the rogue-like nature unless you opt into perma-death the game has a number of checkpoints that allow you to pick up partway through the adventure.


The first thing that strikes you about the game is the art style is very unique and at times certainly reminds me at times of that art style found in the Torchlight games. The game does a wonderful job of changing the visuals with the changing weather, the rain making you feel everything is wet and damp.

The soundtrack of the game adapts to the in-game events, there is a strong theme running through-out and I really enjoyed their careful usage. Games that can flow between tracks are wonderful in their nature as the tracks can build up the tension during game play. Chuck Regan has done an amazing job and the soundtrack is available for those of you like myself who collect game soundtracks.


The game requires you to maintain 4 vital statistics

  • Hunger
  • Thirst
  • Temperature
  • Fatigue

Trying to keep these stats in the green is easy to begin with and but as the game progresses it becomes more difficult to maintain as resources and safe areas become fewer. The game uses the river to guide you to take the next step in the story, often giving you varying places to stop, but sometimes you have to make a quick decision as to where you need to head, do you got the marina and fix up your boat or head to the pharmacy to get medicine?

When it comes to keep your statistics in the green there are shortcuts you can take but they usually comes with disadvantages or risks.

  • Hungry? At a push you can eat bullrushes if you are lacking in proper food, however they are a much needed commodity especially in the later game.
  • Thirsty? then you can drink unfiltered water, but run the risk of becoming ill.
  • Cold? You can use fires for warmth however as your journey takes you to places were a fire isn’t usable or there have been many days of rain, drying off isn’t that easy.
  • Tired? Finding places to sleep is easy at first, however nature can often work against you meaning that you can’t get that much needed rest.


For me the game was about 10 hours long which judging by the price of £14.99 seemed rather reasonable. This is the first offering from the Molasses Flood studio and I have high hopes that they will produce more games of this quality, detail and warmth in the future.

P.S The game is 60% off in the Steam Summer Sale running now.

A la Mode

Welcome dear reader!
Hi, how is 2017 treating you so far?

I’ve usually attempted to post more by the halfway mark of the year but alas this year has been pretty much hectic with an added pinch of exhausting thrown in for good measure.

Why you ask , well mostly as my role has transitioned into something different, but while retaining much of the same stuff as I was doing before only more of it. Confusing right?

Streaming and gaming

I’ve been a little relaxing in my streaming habits, I started to ease back to streaming on Sunday mornings and will aim to keep up that habit while it makes sense to do so. I’ve been trying to keep the streams to relaxing games, mostly as it’s Sunday morning but also I usually have Little Troll in close proximity.

Gameblast was great fun this year and we raised more than our total in 2016, which considering there was on three of us this year was rather a good accomplishment. I totally love Special Effect and all the good work that they do.


Munki and I are possibly going to get into a MMO (know first time in forever), we bought the game with the month trail as some kind of bonkers anniversary gift to each other, we’ll see how the first month in FFXIV pans out.

I am playing alot more Euro Truck Sim 2 recently, I think it’s that I find it quite relaxing ( until I hit something ), I’m covering more of the map to try and get those achievements.

Online Role Playing

Oneshot Island
Oneshot Island

Since the start of the year we have been playing through the Hoard of the Dragon Queen, we’ve had a few start and stops due to real life but it’s been enjoyable, we even picked up another player a month ago, So I must be doing something right.  It makes Sundays a little longer for me as a 8am start for streaming and a 11pm finish after the DnD session can make for a long day, but it’s enjoyable.

I find that Roll20 is such a great tool for our game, that I have now got a Pro account, which if they only thing it gave was the ability to copy between games would still be very worth it.

I had the pleasure of running a One-shot game for some friends from the streaming community I am part of, I was nervous as the last game I created and ran was in back in 1997, so I was worried that it wouldn’t go according to plan or I’d just turn into a blithering wreck. Thankfully it was fine and everyone enjoyed it, including me.

I have found that I enjoy building up scenes for the groups to consume, yes I know it’s all make believe, but sometimes it’s useful to have an idea of the environment or things that as the GM you want to remember to use in your story telling.

In getting to building these I pretty much bought all of the art assets by David Hemenway on Roll20, I find that his the art style lends itself well for use with both rendered and hand drawn characters, and the various packs fit well together.