Part of who I am

CW : Death

Yesterday I attended a virtual memorial for a ex co-worker from my first job, the event was lovely and emotional, it was also hard as the person in question had chance to record their own eulogy, it was difficult to hear but had some laugh out loud moments too, which was very typical of the person.

I spent some time thinking of when I was working alongside them, the day to day laughs that made the days go faster and smoother, their always cheeky grin that instantly make you think they were up to something. Reading some of the comments from friends and co-workers there is a strong pattern of how much joy flowed from the person, no matter the setting.

I entered the corporate world of shirts and ties at 19, fresh from college and stepped into an environment that was filled with some of the most wonderfully unique people and personalities.
I was taken on as a trainee programmer, given hemps of training, on COBOL/CICS/DB2 (Mainframes in banks) but the practicalities of actually using it in a real environment was a completely different matter.

Those co-workers, all my senior, mentored and guided me as I learned the ropes and continued to support me through-out my 9 year career.
Many of them already had kids and it was so different to move from a learning environment in college to a workplace filled with conversations about “grown up” stuff, other would tell use how good we had it as they regaled us with details of their experiences of working with punch cards and messing up the ordering.

I know that some of those lessons are still with me today, and despite the technology moving on by 23 years they resonate strongly with my values and my approach to work.