Station Life

Season 6 of The Expanse kicked off at the start of December, I have only recently caught up on the first 5 seasons after two of my friends insisted that I should watch it, it made for good lockdown viewing. I am of course totally hooked and really enjoying the show and the new season is as gripping as expected.

As much as I’m liking the current story and plot, some of the original elements that drew me in have since diminished with each passing season.
For me a huge element that I really enjoyed was the focus on station/colony life, the personal interactions and background characters. Add into that mix the gumshoe element and a whole lot of mistrust/conspiracy and it was a blend that I really felt at home watching.

Once I was all caught up on the first 5 seasons of The Expanse, was itching to watch something else so I decided to start a re-watch of my favourite space themed show Babylon 5.
Turns out the elements I originally liked in The Expanse were the staples baked into almost all of Babylon 5, which is most likely why it appealed to me so strongly initially.

Since the announcement of the ‘from the ground up’ B5 reboot, with JMS at the helm, I have to admit that I am a little on the excited side.