Current Games Aug 2022

Discussing MMO/Multiplayer games that I’m currently enjoying.

After a long period without consistently playing MMO/Multiplayer games I currently find myself currently playing a number of games on regular rotation.

Diablo 3

Since picking up D3 (no thanks to GamersWithJobs podcast blessing me with the benefits of the Crusader) I’ve been quite firmly addicted to the Seasonal events.
Not the fastest at reaching level 70 nor fastest at completing the seasonal chapters, we tend to have a group of people that are happy to come together to chip away at the goals, grind some Gems and get our unlocks done.

I admire those people that can focus on building their paragon levels up into the multiple thousand levels, but that isn’t really something that I have any want, reason or time to do.

I hope that Blizz continue to play with the seasons, new mechanics, with some maybe transitioning into the standard game too like the Echoing Nightmares. At least until D4 arrives, then mothballed no doubt.

I am sad that the increased stash numbers change was never picked up again after the issues that were seen on console versions with the increased number, but I guess they didn’t want to only deploy it to the PC version. I would have made life much easier all around.

Elite Dangerous

I find playing ED exhilarating, there is so many different things to keep you engaged, the newest expansion giving us space legs has introduced a number of new and exciting activities. I have really enjoyed the exobiology feature that was introduced and although it can be frustrating is ultimately rewarding when you get the first discovery on a planet or system.

The on foot conflict zones are found in systems where there is a war, you pick a side to fight for as a mercenary, you then get transported to the battle zone. There are 3 tiers of zone, low, medium and high, these tiers directly influence the number of enemies and their AI/weapon handling.
it’s easy to under estimate them.

Of course there are still lots of non-foot related activities that ED still offers and they can be very enjoyable, taking out pirates, working on community goals (or working against them with Operation Wych Hunt), taking tourists on sightseeing adventures etc

I find that I burn out on Elite much faster than other games, not sure why this is the case but I play for a few weeks then park the game for a month. I at often keen to return but something deters me.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Munki and I played during beta and at launch, this was back before the Unlimited changes, so we were making our way through the level gated content towards Cold Harbour (the final zone).
We were also running some Alts to play with different groups of friends, so were seeing all 3 main storylines at once.

It’s safe to say that we played, non-stop until we had completed nearly all of the game, even focusing on PVP at times.
Sadly this meant that over the years since then I’ve gone into the new content but only superficially, maybe rolling up a new toon, running some of the main quests, but the energy fizzling out within a month.

However over the last 6 months I’ve really enjoyed slowly working back into ESO on a more regular basis, getting a couple of hours a day to devote to the task, I’ve been discovering some of the content that I missed or completed on a throw away toons.

There is so much that I have missed that I will talk about but I think I shall keep that for a separate blog post.

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