Just one more thing

Quick Mini-post.

It shows how rusty I am at this whole thing, I complete forgot to mention that if you are interested in taking part in Blaugust, it’s not to late! (it’s never too late.)

Everything is detailed over on Tales of the Aggronaut which outlines the basic rules and concept, plus a number of optional goals you can strive toward obtaining if that’s the sort of thing

Firstly There is a Sign Up Form you can fill in to stake your commitment to blogging during August, yes originally we aimed for 31 posts, 1 each day of August but now it’s clearly highlighted that achieving 31 posts however best suits you is the key, doubling up as needed.

If you have space left on your server list, there is a lovely discord filed to the brim with folks taking part and those willing to help new bloggers. See the first link for the discord details as I wouldn’t want to store outdated info in-case it changes.

Well what are you waiting for, come and have some fun.


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