The Secret World TTRPG

Take me back to Agartha.

I’ve been  lurking in the Star Anvil Discord (Twitter) since February keeping my eyes peeled for some further RPG details. yesterday we finally got something concreate.

Kickstarter coming in October.


Still not much to go on and I think we aren’t likely to get much more before the Launch, we already know that it’s going to built on 5e and feature the 3 factions from the FunCom MMO, not completely sure where it sits on the timeline

There has been snippets of artwork shared over the last few months in the discord and I am really looking forward to seeing what the product looks like.

I was always a big fan of The Secret World concept, world and lore, mostly getting on board via the Tørnquist link and staying after play testing as the game and story were really good fun. I always loved that TSW never shied away from it’s mature rating aiming for a purely adult audience from the start, many MMO games frequently earn a high rating that originates from strong violence and adult topics, such as Elder Scrolls Online.

I know strong language is not everyone’s cup of tea and may had led some folks to avoid or leave the Secret World. However for me the fact characters swore in cutscenes and voice lines was a breath of fresh air, felt more immersive and made them feel more true to life. Terrible things were happening and the NPCs vented that anger, rather than using substitute words or fricking phrases.