About welshtroll (the person)

I am Kris (yes named after that one, he was popular in the 70’s OK) and I have been going by the name Welshtroll since about 1998, which was when I permanently got access to the internet at home. Before then it was at other peoples houses and at college. As for the origin of the name it was likely sourced from a good foundation in mythical creatures and AD&D.

I am based in the UK, South Wales to be exact, where I live with my wife (FlyinPinkMunki) and our two sons, upgraded from one as part of the 2021 Surprise DLC Bundle.

I am a programmer by trade, my first job was as “new blood” brought into work on a aging CICS/COBOL financial mainframe system.
I was a lot of fun and working within the confines of an older system required you to be far more creative and cleaver with how you approached development. Once I moved onto working in C# the scope of my work was a lot broader and varied and soon widened to include Visual Basic to support on premises applications.

Now I still work in the financial sector and still technically focused, despite my title change, a lot what I do is still the same as when I started out in the industry, but then I’m much better at it.

When I’m not working, I can be found playing some form of game, whether it be a Video game, Table top or Role Playing.

About welshtroll (the site)

I’ve been running a website named welshtroll.co.uk since 2000 when I made my first attempt at proper website design. Needless to say it was limited but I learnt a lot of skills while attempting to add that 105th GIF to my gallery page.

In 2003/2004 I decided to try my hand at PHP and slowly built up my website using that language to add custom features, running the website was as much a learning experience as it was a blog. Between then and the end of 2006, there were numerous versions of welshtroll, each better than the last.

In 2007 welshtroll.co.uk returned, slightly more polished and with some ideas to drag it up-todate with new and interesting technologies.

In October 2008 I decided to move my blog over to the WordPress software. So far, so good.

As of Jan 2015 my hosting is now provided by another UK based firm TSOHost, who I’ve migrating my hosting and domain handling to.