Thirty days hath September

So what does September have to offer except the looming threat of dark mornings and evenings combined with rain?

Well I’m finally going to see Dylan Moran on the 15th, with Ricci and Dok, after missing his shows in the past I am really looking forward to it.

I was informed today about a American Head Charge tour with 2 support acts Panic Cell and Twin Method whos website has a good choon on it.

Sadly we see another go, R.I.P. Jesse Pintado.

I have a cold too, well the start of a cold (cough), see!


I’ve love to meet the person that decied to remake the wicker man, so i could spit in his eye.


Aren’t the film industry giants busy pouring out enough mindless crap, needs to take a great film like The Wicker Man.

Trailer for the new film here

Adult Swim

Recently discovered that [Adult Swim] is on Bravo now.

For those that haven’t seen any shows from this block of adult-oriented wizardly, lets just say it has overly funny shows interspersed with nonsense periods of randomness.

One of the best has to be Sealab 2021 that has now finished being made but still being aired. The show uses stock amination footage from a short-lived Hanna-Barbera cartoon made in the 70’s called Sealab 2020. Set a year after the original the close confines of being at the bottom of the ocean has resulted in the crew being slightly crazed and lead by the deranged Captain Murphy.

Episodes can range from conversations about being a robot to being trapped under a vending machine. All good, mostly harmless fun.

Catch Adult Swim on Bravo at midnight everyday.

The wicker man – remake

Won’t someone please think of the Children!

Don’t the film industry giants have enough on their plate churning out mindless garbage? Are times that bad that they need to turn to the art of film butchery disguised as a ‘remake‘ to help fill their coffers?

Nicolas Cage takes on the role of the outsider (Sheriff) on Summerisle investigating the disappearance of a girl.
I’m struggling to see where the whole bee allergy has been dreamt up from and how the lack of sexual tense and torment that is used in the original can be left out without making the film worse.

In some kind of bizarre ode, they have given the missing child the surname Woodward and the main characters first name is Edward.

With the original director Robin Hardy going to court to have his name as screenplay writer (not even true) taken off references to the film and Christopher Lee’s numerous outbursts, one can only image how ultimately rubbish it’s going to be compared to the original. Computer effects and gore, over-used and over-rated.

A 3 Disc DVD set being released of the original 1973 Wicker Man film in September around the same time as the new movie. It will contain the directors cut and commentary from Mr Lee and Woodward, it will include a 50 minute documentary entitled Burnt Offering: The Cult Of The Wicker Man.

For those that want to see, below is a trailer for the remake set for release in September 2006:

X Men 3

It’s almost here, the final instalment of one of the finest comic-book to movie conversions of all time… and I can’t wait!

Check out the trailer.

Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick FrostAlso in movie land, Messers Pegg, Wright and Frost are about to serve us up another slice of fried gold! The team behind Spaced and Shaun of the Dead are currently filming their next movie, entitled “Hot Fuzz”, in which Pegg play’s a hot shot copper from London who is so good at his job his bosses send him to the country to stop him showing up his collegues. The guys have very kindly been making video blogs of the entire filming process and have posted them for your viewing delectation HERE.