Remember, remember, the fifth of November

After my Physio this week Dok and I decide to catch a film in the cinema ( the last we seen was Sin City ) so we got to an early viewing of V for vendetta.

I was roughly famillar with the plot

*To avoid spoilers the rest of the post is continue below*


Taking from 1984 and it’s fear inducing news, V for Vendetta (although written in the 80’s) has been updated to reflect more modern themes including bird flu and terrorist viral attacks.


The scenes in this film are dark, adding quite alot to the film and the atmosphere it intends to convey. In other shots like those in the Shadow Gallery, the fancyful and ______ bring a calm element to the film.

Hugo Weaving plays V, whose

Of all the recent dystopian themed films, I’m inclined to feel that the Norsefire government portrayed in V for Vendetta is more believable, although the film is   Â

The film steers from the original comics in the motivations of V, as his killing are originally personal attacks at the people

The original story is about a vendetta, against those that were officers at the Larkhill concentration camp .

V for Vendetta

Tomorrow sees the launch of the first big movie of the year, V for Vendetta. Written and produced by the Wachowski Brothers (who also brought us The Matrix) and starring Hugo Weaving, Natalie Portman and John Hurt, it’s an action packed adaptation of a graphic novel by David Lloyd and Alan Moore, (who also wrote From Hell and Watchmen). From what I’ve seen it looks pretty cool, with Hugo Weaving still managing to be cool while wearing a silly mask!

Hopefully it’ll be more Matrix than Matrix Reloaded… Click the link to check out the 3 trailers and see what you think. (The rest of the website is pretty swish too)

The Oscar for Inapropriate Advertising goes to…

Found on ITV’s News Website:

“Online leisure firm has been slammed over an advert mentioning sex offender Gary Glitter by the industry’s own watchdog. The Advertising Standards Authority ruled the website breached decency rules over a theatre ticket mailout. Its advert stated: “Like Gary Glitter in a sweet shop, you too can have your pick of kiddy treats in London’s theatre world. “If you don’t know what to do with your lovely sprogs, get them off the X-Box and into the theatre. These shows will definitely be their cup of Ribena …” It showed two young boys’ faces with the title “Doing it for the kids“.

Pffft! Can you imagine the board meeting when they came up with that one?!

X3 : The Last Stand

Quite looking forward to X-Men 3. The first film I liked but was understandably slow and providing an introduction to the characters, but i felt it could have provided more of a plot. The second film although being more action packed also carried a decent story, including the origins of Wolverine and Dr. Greys changes. I’m hoping the third in the trilogy will bring more good effects combined with the conflict between good and bad mutants building to a crescendoing climax. It appears somemore of my favourite characters will be making an appearance at last (Beast, Juggernaut can expect some wonderful battle scenes between him and wolverine) Due to be released 26th of May.

Shawn of the Dead

Went to see this film on Thursday, been waiting 3 odd years for it.

What can I say a great ‘rom-zom-com’, full of spaced style comical moments but with more blood.

Spot the celeb also comes into play as numerous faces pop up throught the film.

If you can see it, go do so, but don’t expect another Dawn of the Dead.

Expect a review shortly.