Going Rogue Soundtrack

I was rather happy to see and announcement that there is a soundtrack purchasable for the upcoming City Of Heroes expansion Going Rogue. The music has been composed by Jason Graves who I feel as capture the features of the existing  game music, enhance and twisted it to reflect the new world that is fast approaching.

The track list is as follows:

  1. Welcome To Nova Praetoria
  2. Just Another Day In Utopia
  3. Run Resistance, Run
  4. Chasing The Dream
  5. Beyond The Horizon
  6. Shadow Of Doubt
  7. Building A Better Tomorrow
  8. Very Dark Places
  9. The Dark Side Of A Perfect World
  10. The Tempest
  11. Stepping Into The Void
  12. Ghost In The Machine
  13. The Hamidon Wars

As you can see the titles have some reflection of the new content and how it is going to feel, Well sound (music-wise), to us players.

If you are fan or just interested I’d head over to Amazon and sample the previews. And don’t worry the second song isn’t a Phil Collins cover.

a little this, turning to that over high ground

Thanks to Doks newly crafted blog http://oneoutnumbered.blogspot.com I now feel the urge to keep up with my writing efforts, well for at least a few weeks into 2010.

2010 the year that I mostly feel a mixture of happiness and exhaustion, I’m still adjusting to mangining my time in a new manner. Gone are those 6 hours gaming stints, I appear to just grab smaller chunks of time here and there as my gameplay charts shows and it’s easy to see what my major time sink has been recently.

I recently spotted that there is a Dawn of War II expansion (addon) called Chaos Rising due out at the beinging of March, which is rather cool as I’ve started replaying the game while reading the novel. The book is very enjoyable if you are a fan of the 40k universe and details alot of the backstory that isn’t in the game.

Well that is enough ramblings for now.

Now Playing  : VNV Nation – Standing


41EVX2MKR6L._SL500_AA240_On Thursday I was in work and ploughing through my work and enjoying some background noise of a batch of podcasts I had recently downloaded. One of these was Warp-drive active, which started with a rather fun “Boys are back in town” which made me chuckle.

Later that day on my bus journey home was listening to extended version of Anthrax’s Sound of white noise album which has a rather cool cover of Thin Lizzys Cowboy Song, two occurances

So during a late night game of Ryzom (that had just downloaded, more soon) I finally gave in and stuck on Dedication : The very best of Thin Lizzy, which suited the game rather well.

Sunday night Mr. Dok came around and with Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits and GH: Metallica both of which totally rocked. We rocked out to a awesome selection of different tunes, damn hard at times tho. Of course we finished the evening with a The boys are back in town again.

Continuing this list of linked occurrences I put the radio on while having a bath and happened upon Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds on radio 2. It wasn’t the original but a recently recorded version, but when I turned it on just happened to be at the section “Parson Nathaniel”, which in the original recording was performed by Phil Lynott.

I thought at the time, I should really get a re-mastered version of the musical. So I was well please when I tuned in to the Through the Aftermath podcast and heard a rather fantastic version of the War of the Worlds radio broadcast as performed by Jonathan.

Guitar Hero (4) World Tour (Wii)

I was very surprised when I got home on Friday to find that Rach had bought me the latest in the Guitar Hero series.

I have to admit I wasn’t planning on purchasing this until the new year but I was very excited by all the new shiny components. So on Friday evening we started on the career mode for our band JAM BADGER.

I got stuck into the drums while Rach stepped up and took on the task of singer. It was tricky to start with but we soon got the hang of it and tore our way through a good few gigs.

On Saturday Dok visited and we made some serious progress into the track listings. It is quite silly that you earn more cash from single player than group play, which meant that some solo parts had to be played before we could unlock the Tool gig.

I think one of the hardest tracks but also the most satisfying was System of a Down – B.Y.O.B.

Dok highlighted the fact there are potentially issues with the drum kits, he’s experienced this on his Xbox GH drum-kit where the green drum isn’t working at all now. He also highlighted the fact that Activision have admitted issue with the drum-kit and will be supplying drum tuning kits. The only issue with my drum-kit is that it can activate star power by accident, so not all bad just quite annoying.

But all in all I really enjoyed playing it, top stuff Rachy.

EDIT: it appears that Dok has resolved his issues with the drum-kit.

Birthday albums reviews

Seeing as it was my birthday today I thought I'd write up a quick review of both albums I recieved.

Dresden Dolls : No Virgina
novirginia.jpgThis is the 3 studio album offering from the Bostons Amanda and Brian, although not it's not a completely new abum. It comprises of recording left over from the recording of Yes, Virgina, additional it contains b-sides and songs released on complalations.

All that said it's a damn fine offering including a few new tracks from the Punk Cabaret duo. Also on the album is a cover of Psychedelic Furs – Pretty in pink which is very different and also very good.

This album isn't really one to pick for anyone that wants to start listening to the band but for fans it's well worth getting.

Track listing:
1 Dear Jenny
2 Night Reconnaissance
3 The Mouse and the Model
4 Ultima Esperanza
5 The Gardener
6 Lonesome Organist Rapes Page Turner
7 Sorry Bunch
8 Pretty in Pink
9 The Kill
10 The Sheep Song
11 Boston

Cavalera Conspiracy : Inflikted
cavaleraconspiracy.jpg I hadn't heard that this album was out so it was quite a suprise when dok starting playing in his car asking me to guess the band. So he grabbed me a copy as my birthday present.

This debut album by the Cavalera brothers Max and Igor and was interestingly produced by Logan Mader. It was indicated as being similar to Sepultura's earlier work but with heavier undertones.

I've just spent the last couple of hours with it playing in the background and I have to admit it's bloody good. The whole album feels very new and raw but at the same time very familiar. This albums captures all that good about the brothers earlier work and takes up a lot of notches.

If you liked early Sepultura then seek out this album.

Track listing:
1 Inflikted
2 Sanctuary
3 Terrorize
4 Black Ark
5 Ultra-Violent
6 Hex
7 The Doom Of All Fires
8 Bloodbrawl
9 Nevertrust
10 Hearts Of Darkness
11 Must Kill

Annoyingly I just spotted that the band is going to be at Download and doing one show in London ont he 17th of this month. Too short notice sadly as I've like to have caught them live.