Ministry album and tour

I knew we’d let one slip by, a new Ministry album Rio Grande Blood, due for release May 2nd.

Rio Grande Blood features Tommy Victor (Prong), Paul Raven (Killing Joke), special guest artists Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys, Melvins), Sgt. Major and Liz Constantine (Dizzy X).

So the Ministry line up for the tour is:
Al Jourgensen
Paul Raven (Killing Joke) bass
Tommy Victor (Prong) guitar
Mike Scaccia (Rigor Mortis) guitar
Joey Jordison (Slipknot, Murder Dolls) drums

On top of that line up support act for the tour is Revolting Cocks and Pitbull Daycare.

With only 1 UK date planned (Wednesday 2nd August) it should be brillant.

New albums of HEAVYness on the way!

With the ominous date of 06/06/06 fast approaching some of thrash metal’s finest are heading into the studio! The once mighty, (hopefully to be again! please! please!), ENTOMBED are currently recording “Serpent Saints” to be released on that day. The greatest thrash band of all time SLAYER have also started recording! Dave Lombardo returns for his first recording with the rest of the guys since 1990’s Seasons on the Bus 😉 – and uber producer Rick Rubin is at the helm. Release is expected some time in the Autumn i can’t wait!!! In the meantime the boys will be heading their own festival on a tour of the States, kicking off on… 06/06/06! Last but by no means least is my top band of the moment STRAPPING YOUNG LAD! Yes, the Lad are already working on their follow up to last years ALIEN album! Big Gene says they’ve pretty much got 4 songs under their belt already and they are looking to launch it in July… to be followed by what he describes as a “crazy” touring schedule… please play near here! please play near here!

***Turns off NIN and cranks up the LAD… “ZEEEEeeeeeeennnnnnn!!!!!”***

Strapping Young Lad Videos

Stumbled across the video for the Strapping Young Lad song S.Y.L. earlier, which came as a surprise as I never knew it existed! Check it out here! There’s a load of other stuff by them linkable off that page aswell, including the new Vid for Zen. (They are a bit a grainy and take ages to download, but you probably aren’t going to find them anywhere else!)
Attached the video below, but you may need to pause it to allow it to buffer a little, else it will jump

Dresdon Dolls new album due

The new album entitled “Yes, Virginia” is due for release on April 18th, which is not long before my sister ( who got me into them ), Ricci and myself go to see them in London. If you haven’t heard any of their stuff I suggest a visit to their websites download and lyric page here. A hard band to describe really, self labelled as ‘Brechtian Punk Cabaret’, their music can be calm then often wild with the sound of smashing piano keys, with their live stage shows being an entertainment extravaganza. Quite looking forward to it.