Over the so called summer I have been watching the first series of Geek & Sundry’s TitansGrave  which has now come to it’s conclusion.

The series was part of the TableTop season 3 that successful crowd funded in May last year, I was rather happy that the funding allowed for the RPG show to be created alongside the normal TableTop series.
After the Dragon Age RPG that was part of Tabletop Series 2 I wanted to see how much they could do with a standalone series but keeping with the high product qualities that the shows had demonstrated previously.
Happy to say I wasn’t disappointed.


If you haven’t had chance to catch the series you can now binge watch it if you have a spare 9 hours, but remember to start at Chapter 0 which gives a good overview.

Not forgetting that Geek & Sundry is also host to another RPG game named Critical Role, where Matthew Mercer GM’s a Dungeons and Dragon game with eight of his fellow voice actors in traditional pen and paper epic 3 hour sessions, which you can also watch live on twitch (which I’d watch live if it wasn’t on at 3am) weekly.

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My very first role playing experiences was joining a friend on his weekly saturday gaming which open up a whole new world of gaming past-times but sadly my friend lived to far away for it to become a regular event for me.

While I was still in the last years of school and college I was introduced to members of a local group who played on a weekly basis. I soon received an invite to join them and enjoyed a number of years smashing our way through the wilds and dungeons in Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition.
Weirdly the average age in the group was much older than myself but once it was cleared with the adults in my life at the time I would attend the weekly meetup and

Recently I’ve played some, but with like to get into another campaign at some point, I’d like to try out and build a game using the Fate system. Having bought a few Fate related resources over the last year it would be a shame not to do so 🙂


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The Witches

I had Tree Frog Games’s The Witches for Christmas we have only played it once and so we decided to take it out for another spin tonight. This is the second game based in the Discworld universe but is quite different from Anhk Morpork.
The game is set in Lancre, players control one of 4 trainee witches who are honing their skills by solving problems of ranging difficulty.

Each turn the game players can move but if they get to problem tile they have to try and solve it.
Solving problems is dependant on the total of 4 dice rolls plus any additional modifiers that a player has available to them. To bring a little chance to the situation players roll 2 dice, has the opportunity to play cards to increase their total, then they roll the remaining 2 dice to complete their attempt at resolving a problem.

TheWitchesThe dice have no ONEs as they are replaced with Cackle markers which if you accumulate too many can lead to losing point at the end of game scoring section. Thankfully to reduce your cackles you can land on the same square as another witch which automatically means you have to have Tea, as it’s etiquette, this gives both player chance to reduce their negative cackle points.

The game progress with multiple factors that could lead to the end of the game and force scoring to occur.

The rules are complete and nicely ordered that means looking up things is rather easy, plus there is a crib sheet included in the box too. However the rule are detailed completely and we didn’t have any problem relearning again as it soon came back to us.


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XCOM Board game

I have to admit that after seeing that a XCOM game was coming I was a little dubious as I didn’t know how it would transfer across mediums. I was even more concerned when I spotted that Fantasy Flight Games were releasing it.

It’s a cooperative game for 1 to 4 players, where as games like Forbidden Island and Castle Panic use a mechanic designed into the game to simulate opposition the XCOM board game uses a companion App to control it. This means that players need a PC, mobile phone or tablet in order to play.

box-XCOM-rightThe app brings timed deadlines into play with the players have to respond to the threat in real-time making decisions toughers and more fluid than usual in a co-op game. However the actual combat takes place without on the time limit.
The app also can be used to learn the game and teach the rules, which given how cumbersome FFG rules usual are, this can’t be a bad thing.

Destroy UFOs. Research alien technology. Defend your base. Uncover the alien invasion plan. Should you fail, humanity is doomed.

The players take on the roles of 4 department heads at XCOM, these are the Commander, Chief Scientist, Central Officer and Squad Leader, each with their own unique skills, no matter how many are playing these roles are always in play.

The game looks to use many of the features that the video game employed, so for example if a UFO is tracked but your interceptors fail to take it down, fear will spread in the continents. If it turns to panic then your funding will start to drop undermining and hindering your efforts, 2 continents go into panic and XCOM forces lose the game.

The game employs a push your luck dice mechanic that aims to get the players taking risks in order to succeed, the number of dice used is dependant on the task and modifiers you have.
Each dice only has 2 success indicators and you are unlikely to achieve success without a follow up roll, each roll carries a higher risk of failure.

From what I’ve seen the game looks rather nice, there have been some concerned raised about the longevity of a game needing an application in order to run, but I’d rather get the game and play it now than worry about the 5 years time what-ifs.

If you want to have a look at the game and app, Drive Thru Review posted these two videos from GenCon.

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To coin a phrase

In the next 48 hours the Kickstarter by Campaign Coins will complete, I have been super excited about this project since I caught wind of it in June. The stretch goal shave been nice and have included a number of bonus coins, a fate bag and a variety of options of finishings for your coins.

Admittedly I’ve yet to run a full Fate campaign yet but I hadn’t yet decided what to use as fate tokens and these give a nice touch to the whole thing. I have opted to buy 3 sets of coins and quite like the Antique Silver finish, but I’m not sure if I will get that for all 3 sets or keep one in Antique Bronze.

The bonus is that they can also be used to determine Fate too, a set of 12 coins has four blank, four plus and four minus coins, so all you need to do is pluck them from a bag randomly and you have your result. Using coins also alters the probability slightly versus using fudge (fate) dice as outline by Paul Stefko here.

At some point I would also like to get a Deck of Fate, I really like the idea of using different mechanics other than rolling dice for games. It certainly goes a little way towards making things more entertaining, especially having more than one method.

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Week 31 – Board games


Having owned the game for over a year on the weekend I finally got around to playing Carcassonne. It’s not that I’d be putting it off or anything but invariably other games would be selected over it, usually something familiar.
So armed with determination Dok and myself sat down and poured over the rules for 20 minutes.

Thankfully the game is very straight forward and with minimal consultation of the rule book we managed to fit in 2 games in reasonable amount of time.

If you’ve not played it, the game is a simple tile placing game that requires players draw and place tiles to create a countryside filled with Towns, road, fields and cloisters. They have to be placed abutting an existing tile (all starting with one in the centre) and when they are place the player may choose to a meeple (the small character pieces) this can earn them points either straightway or once a criteria is met or at the end of the game.

I have to say i was expecting something more complex and now I have played it I look forward to playing at home or in my monthly workplace group.

Android: Netrunner

netrunnerSo the second game we played was Android: Netrunner, this is our second time of playing the game and it was as gruelling as the first. The game needs a handy crib sheet of the rules or it just needs the rulebook to be in some sort of order.

Once you get passed the continual rule-lookups the game is quite fun and enjoyable to play and the mechanics are fun enough for both players. One player takes on the role of a corporation the other a runner who is attempting to hack into the corporation’s computer network to steal agendas.

The corporation protects it’s network using ICE cards the runner can use program to break through the protection to get to the server behind, but will it yield point scoring agendas or could it be a trap?

The video below is a group version of all the tutorial videos that Fantasy Flight Games released, it’s worth watching before playing, or if you just want to see what it’s all about.

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