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For us massive multiplayer gamers news about our games can often be hidden away behind the console and triple AAA game news on a mainstream game news site. It might not seem like much but Massively, as the name suggests, was just that. It was a place without the majority of column space taking about the next XBone exclusive title or how Battlefield Hardline’s pot plant.

When I heard that AOL decided to close nearly all of the weblogs Joystiq and Massively included it was quite a shock. The reason given reminded of NCSoft’s closure of Paragon Studios, spouting line such as “saving money” and “focus efforts elsewhere”, which we all know is pretty much BS.

The final post was rather moving and telling of the community which poured out their support for the website.


Rather than take it all lying down the brave staff have decided to go independent with their new brand Massively Overpowered. As I write this the Kickstarter of Massively OP is over 40% of their goal with 28 days remaining.

I have gladly backed them and wish them all the best with this new venture.
I was a reader of Massively for a number of years, yes on occasion I would find myself disagreeing with some things, but as with any well thought out content it got people talking and engaged, more than can be said about some sites that just ooze trolls and bile.


I don’t follow

I recently discovered that one of my favourite useful websites has risen from the grave. I originally stumbled onto Unladen Follow while looking for the exact thing it was offering. In a nutshell it analyses your Twitter feed and applies a weighting factor to each account you follow based on the recent activity including Quantity, Mentions, Hashtags and others.

Each person you follow is rated in highly scientific Weekly Tweet Load Units (TLU). Your total TLUs are an indicator of how much noise you consume on Twitter every week, based on links, replies, hashtags, talking about Twitter itself, and simple tweet volume.

unladen1The website originally stopped working I think it was when Twitter changed their API and up until a few months ago it was still not working for me.

Of course things aren’t as bad now but in years past I would find that following high noise people which ultimately meant Twitter became unusable due to the volume of Tweets. Naturally celebrities are frequently in the top of the list, normally surrounded by news sites.

As you can see from my list below certain accounts stand out more than others and if you want to remove them then you can head over to twitter and do just that, it’s not something the application does.

I used to try and keep lists of certain groups but gave up on that very quickly.
If you feel that deleting is a little harsh or maybe someone is just getting excited about a sporting event, you can always use the mute feature on Twitter that keeps you following someone and but without them showing in your feed.


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There are some people for whom blogging appears easy and they embark on challenges like writing a post everyday for year. I’m not one of those.
I take my time writing, then rewriting my blog posts in order to get them to a state I’m happy with.

Rather than biting off more than I can chew by trying to write for a whole year, I’ve signed up for Belgast’s Blaugust event, the core focus is to blog everyday during August.

I’m hoping it will help me focus on the writing since taking a few weeks off while feeling unwell, I’ve got out of the habit to a certain extent.

All hail the new flesh

The Newbie Blogger Initiative 2014 is in full swing and there are a stack of new bloggers, my RSS reader is slightly more crazy than normal. Not that this is a bad thing, it means I need to make a little more time to read through the extra posts.

The list is growing by the day with some last minute folk joining the blog zero,  this list is likely to be out of date by tomorrow. So if you have a spare few minutes why not check some of them out.

If I have missed anyone off this list please let me know.
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