Google Mars

This is a variation on the Google Earth or Google Maps websites, but this one is dedicated to our nearest Celestial neighbour, Mars. The main part of the site is a huge map of the red planet shown in visible light, Infra-Red and a highly colourful elevation map, (see the pic). As you would expect from a Google project it is crammed full of links to relevant information, from the names of the various mountains and craters, to the names and locations of all the space craft ever to land there. Hugely detailed, thoroughly informative and beautiful to look at, what more could you ask for?!

Abandoned Places

I recently found this great website.
Abandoned Places

It appears that Henk is always on the look out for places to visit.

The galleries on the website are broken down into easy to navigate steps. I prefer the black and white images, they appear almost timeless and give the subjects in the picture more depth.

The old architecture and remains of humans give everything an errie feel.

Great site, well worth a look.

Remember Mr Biffo? Get Stuffed?

Well if not here is a little background.
Paul Rose a.k.a Mr Biffo was the brains and humour behind the Channel 4 Teletext page named Digitiser. Digitiser (or DIGI) was an amazing thing and I’m sorry you missed it.
Everyday was a laugh a minute experience, with reveal-O’s, morse and lewis and the snake.
Not forgetting Mr. T.

Well Mr Biffo has a site up and runningĀ here


On to other news, i was up watching telly and the classic get stuffed came on. Originally aired during the Gulf War, those TV people seem to think another war requires get stuffed again.

Well they have a website and board moderated by the MYSTERY CHEF