Games Galore

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been enjoying the delights of American Truck Simulator, currently with 2 states but more to come in the future. The game is similar to the previous title however there is more going on with denizens of areas going about their daily business  and the addition of Aircraft, tumbleweeds and police cars. SCS Soft also posted yesterday that their map team are hard at work on more DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2, with expanding  on Paris plus expanding on the more rural French countryside.

FlyinPinkMunki and I have keys to try out Black Something Online during the final closed beta test, the character creator is fun but almost feels like EVE’s character designer, with lots of things to tweak, but overall not that much changes. We are looking to see if this is a game we would like to pitch our MMO tent in the grounds of. The combat mechanics look to be quite fun, however the starting area I was playing in suffered due to large numbers of player stuck on Kill Ten Rats quests.

her_storyOver the weekend I played Her Story, which I have to admit I couldn’t stop playing. It was a great detective piece that required the player to give their brain a work out, I would love to type more about it, but I won’t as to avoid spoiling anyone else enjoyment of the title. Which you should really get around to playing.

I’ve played quite a lot of 80 Days on the PC port of the game that was released in the later half of 2015, I have to say it’s not what I expected, but is a rather fun title. It’s quite heavy on the words, so not one to attempt after a trip to the pub or a late night.
The game is a reimagining of Jules Verne’s novel but if that novel was in a parallel universe. With lots of differing tasks and adventures to enjoy, each playthrough is set to be fun and mostly-unique.

donate-button-2We are week from our GameBlast 2016 gaming marathon, The Digital Rogues are 5 strong and have raised over£500 for the awesome charity Special Effect. We are in the process of finalising our game lists and timings, we’ll post more about it in the run up to the big event. Hopefully we shall have some streaming running alongside our Discord server.