ESO : Antiquities

Unearthing our past, is both educational and profitable.

Following on from my post about exploration in Elite Dangerous, I though the natural step was to talk about unearthing ancient artefacts in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Introduced in the Greymoor expansion the Antiquities system is comprised of 3 parts, Leads, Scrying and Excavation.
Each zone has it’s own series of leads linked to the region and each lead usually has three lore snippets that explains it’s possible origin and history

So not only can you unlock a wealth of knowledge from the items that you unearth, but there are also other in-game content you can discover:

    • furnishings for your house
    • a long lost forgotten dance that your character can learn (emote)¬†
    • items your character can equip
    • even a discoverable and unlockable mount.


First thing you need to get started is a lead on an antiquity, each zone has a green tier lead that you get access to by default, following a lead and excavating it can also yield other leads, but you can also find leads in chest, barrels, buried with resource nodes and as enemy loot drops.


Scrying the lead will guide you to a list of digs sites, the better you perform on the scrying minigame the fewer dig sites will be revealed on your map, get all 6 and only 1 site will be revealed, otherwise you will have to travel to each to eliminate the false ones.

As you level up the skill line you get more attempts and tools to make the job easier, which is handy as the better the quality of the lead will result in a bigger scrying pane.


The final piece of the puzzle and another minigame, the difficulty of the excavation is linked to the Lead quality, this dictates how much dirt and rock you need to shift, and if there any hazard you have to avoid.

Again you can level this skill line to give you things like tools and more time to perform the excavation.

As well as the main object you are seeking you can often find additional rewards in the ground such as spare coins, more leads or treasure items you can sell.