Issue 14: Architect


As you may have seen the latest issue of City of Heroes/Villains is due out in the next month and it certainly is the talk of the town.

For those that aren’t familiar this new addition to the game will see the introduction of buildings to nearly every city zone in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. These buildings are owned and occupied by Architect Entertainment, a new company that aims to give each person the ability to “create their very own pockets of theoretical existence” (Source: Paragon Journals)

After many months of speculation the details are being released to an audience that has been waiting with bated breath. An in my opinion it has certainly been worth the wait.
The original delay was rumoured to be due to testers wanting more customisation options for the enemies that are used especially the ‘boss’ character, well the developer have explained on that and look set to deliver a mammoth sized Issue.

Taking look through the screen-shots that have been supplied it’s easy to see that customisation is a big driver behind the mission creator, allowing for a choice of 100’s of maps and the creation of completely new enemy groups


Linking the new system directly into one the biggest features of the game, the Costume creator, is certainly going to make for some awesome user created content. Combine that with complete narrative control and mission events & goals, you have the recipe for complete immersion into the storyboards from other players minds. I am also happy that the missions are stored globally so us EU player will be able to see and play story arcs created by players from around the world.

I frequently find the greatest pleasures in the simplest of things, the back-story and integration of new content has certain been one that the CoX developers excel at. The new content is slotted in among the everyday elements of the game as if it has always been there, just hidden away until it’s unveiling.

I have some stories all plotted out and will be diving straight into the AE system once it arrives. I shall be blogging about these story arcs and the creation process while building them. I hope to see some story arcs from you too.

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