Gunpoint / Banished

I have been enjoying the wave of indie games recently


The focus on gameplay over graphics shines through in this game, not to same the the graphic are lacking, in fact the engine has only recently been upgraded.

Gunpoint is a puzzle platformer, that uses some fun mechanics to rewire electronic devices that cane used to your advantage, it’s all woven into a rather funny tale.
The game takes a good few hours to complete and has re-playability to allow you to get better scores on each level. Additionally the achievements are achievable and if you are that type of person you will find yourself hunting them down.

I picked the game up during the Steam sale, but it usually retails for £6 which is a great price for the amount of enjoyment I got from the game.


This village builder survival game is the effort of one person under the banner Shining Rock Software, Luke Hodorowicz has handled the game engine, graphics and audio in this tale of a group of persons banished from their homeland.

Thanks to one of our generous clan members half the group can not be spotted on Steam trying to avoid killing their population through starvation.
The game initially reminded me of the cycle you follow on Prison Architect; build, fail, rinse, repeat. However unlike that game this is fair more polished and once you understand the balancing act that is needed, you can start to build your village in the correct manner.

That said a disaster could turn your well though-out plans to ash, literally , along with poor harvests, illness, crop diseases, workplace accidents and old age all shrinking your population at the worse possible time.

The game is harsh, but very very fun.

While with the indie games it’s worth mentioning that I completed Transistor and have to say it didn’t disappoint me at all, one that Bastion fan will enjoy for sure as the mechanics make everyone’s game different and interesting.

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