Bill Bailey

After ordering the tickets what feels like years ago, last night I finally got to see Bill Bailey with Rach, Dok, my sister, my brother and my Mum & Dad.

At least 15 seconds after the introduction voice started speaking, the audience was laughing loudly and it's at that point we knew the laughter wasn't really going to stop and we knew it was going to be a damn fine show.

There where too numerous musical references to mention here, plus I don't want to spoil it for others that plan on seeing the show, but the Peter Gabriel/trouser press moment had me absolutely crying with laughter, along with the Katie Melua – Nine Million Bicycles parody.

The encore comprised of more jokes and the 2 classic Bill songs “love song” and “Das Hokey Kokey”, with Kevin Eldon onstage along with Bill for the later song.

I was very please that the show wasn't just all music, there was quite a bit of stand-up and lots of crowd interaction sprinkled among the melodies.

As is the normal at the CIA in Cardiff, We were crammed in like sardines and it got very hot in the arena area, yet this fact couldn't detract from the greatest that is Bill Bailey.